Member & Corporate Partners

It continues to be an exciting time for the EAST Foundation!

In 2011 the launch of the Capital Campaign for EAST “Defining the Future of Trauma”, celebrated 25 years of EAST’s service and raise over $1 million from members and corporate constituents over a five year pledge period.

Today, the Board of Trustees continues with an ambitious Annual Appeal for the EAST Foundation. Since the onset of the first ever multi-year fundraising Campaign in 2011, and through our continued efforts, we are close to achieving a record setting year in 2013 for new, single year, member contributions!  As many members of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) have made generous contributions to the EAST Foundation, together, we have set a wonderful example in supporting the mission of EAST.  We have also been building strategic and meaningful partnerships with companies who are investing in the future of EAST – and they are supporting EAST at unprecedented levels.

Please read below for additional details regarding both member and corporate partner contributions to the EAST Foundation.

How will member contributions be used?

Funds contributed by our member partners will be used 100% for building a corpus to support trauma and research scholarships, as well as specific educational programming for EAST members. Member funds will not be used to support operations or overhead, but rather member contributions will flow directly into member initiatives.

What is the purpose of Corporate Partnerships?

Relationships are being formed with corporate constituents at unprecedented levels. These partners have been energized by our vision for the future, and are making significant investments in the development of our resources. You, the members of EAST, will be the largest benefactor of these relationships.

How can I participate?

Members can support the Campaign by making a 5-year pledge to support EAST member initiatives. This can be done on the Foundation website by downloading the Contribution Form.  As the Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization, all financial support is fully tax-deductible.

Please contact the Foundation office at for more details on how to get involved.