A series of audio interviews addressing upcoming research and its application to the injured patient, education efforts related to trauma, and novel methods in the management of injury.

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Podcasts Currently Available

Continuing the Conversation from the 76th AAST Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery - Part 3 of 3 - Podcast #91

Part 3 of 3

Your hosts, Drs. David Morris and Carrie Valdez kept the conversation going with these Traumacasts recorded during the 2017 AAST Annual Meeting featuring clinical leaders in the fields of trauma, critical care and acute care surgery.  There were so many great interviews captured, we split the Traumacast into a three part series.

This Traumacast includes interviews with Drs. Coimbra, Arbabi, Benjamin, Bruns, Delano, Jenkins, & Mehta.

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Continuing the Conversation from the 76th AAST Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery Part 2 of 3 - Podcast #90

Part 2 of 3

Your hosts, Drs. David Morris and Carrie Valdez kept the conversation going with these Traumacasts recorded during the 2017 AAST Annual

Meeting featuring clinical leaders in the fields of trauma, critical care and acute care surgery.  There were so many great interviews captured, we split the Traumacast into a three part series.

This Traumacast includes interviews with Drs. Eastman, Hall, Hall, Napolitano, Pieracci, and Rotondo.

Supplemental Materials
STB 2016 Final Parkland Implementation Guide 
Management of Adults With Hospital-acquired and Ventilator-associated Pneumonia: 2016 Clinical Practice Guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Thoracic Society

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Continuing the Conversation from the 76th AAST Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery - Part 1 of 3 - Podcast #89

Part 1 of 3

Your hosts, Drs. David Morris and Carrie Valdez kept the conversation going with these Traumacasts recorded during the 2017 AAST Annual Meeting featuring clinical leaders in the fields of trauma, critical care and acute care surgery.  There were so many great interviews captured, we split the Traumacast into a three part series.

Interviews with Drs. Coimbra, Arbabi, Benjamin, Bruns, Delano, Jenkins, & Mehta.

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EAST April 2017 Literature Review: Arterial Shunts in Damage Control Vascular Surgery - Podcast #88

In this episode of the EAST Traumacast, we discuss the paper "Temporary arterial shunts in damage control: Experience and outcomes" with authors Dr. Sarah Matthew and Dr. Mark Seamon, and EAST reviewer Dr. Tareq Kheirbek.  Have you used an arterial shunt lately? The authors discuss this infrequent intervention and complications that may occur.  

Supplemental Materials
Temporary arterial shunts in damage control: Experience and Outcomes
J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2017 Mar;82(3):512-517. doi: 10.1097/TA.0000000000001334

Multicenter Trial - Current Management of Suspected Retained Common Bile Duct Stones in Gallston Pancreatitis and Choledocholithiasis

Click here for all EAST Monthly Literature reviews

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Robotics in Acute Care Surgery? - Podcast #87

Robotics in acute care surgery?  "Fire up the robot at 3am?  It's not a pipe dream.  We talk to two acute care surgeons who have incorporated robotics in their daily practice.  Drs. Ruby Skinner and Andrea Pakula have successfully navigated the robotic space and share their tips and tricks on implementation at your institution.  They also share their vision for robotics for acute care surgeons.   Dr. Kevin Pei serves as moderator.

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ATLS: Where It All Began - Podcast #86

Learn the story behind one of the most successful medical education efforts in history.  In this episode, moderator Dr. Dave Morris speaks with Randy Styner, son of Dr. James Styner, and survivor of the plane crash that started the whole ATLS movement.  Also joining the discussion are Dr. Ronald Craig, one of the co-founders of the ATLS course, and Heather Talbott, Trauma Program Manager at Bryan Health (formerly Lincoln General in Nebraska, where Drs. Styner and Craig practiced).  Hear the story you think you know, told by those that were there when ATLS was born.

Read the book: "The Light of the Moon" written by Randy Styner which details the birth of ATLS. 

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Elderly Falls Prevention - Podcast #85

"Have we changed the PS 50 (probability of survival) for the elderly trauma patient?"  Dr. Robert Barraco quotes one of his mentors, Dr. Carl Valenziano, in this episode about the topic of elderly falls prevention.  Joining Dr. Barraco in this episode is Dr. Marie Crandall, lead author of the EAST EBR "Prevention of fall-related injuries in the elderly."  Traumacast moderators Drs. Kevin Pei and David Morris discuss many aspects of elderly falls prevention and the larger topic of geriatric medicine as it pertains to modern trauma care with Drs. Barraco and Crandall.

Resources and Relevant Websites
EAST EBR - Prevention of fall-related injuries in the elderly
CDC - STEADI (Stop Elderly Accidents, Deaths, & Injury)
Stepping On
Cochrane - Interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community
Cochrane - Population-based programs for the prevention of fall related injuries in older people
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Geriatric Trauma Committee
American College of Surgeons - Optimal Perioperative Care of the Geriatric Patient
American Geriatrics Society

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The Angel® Catheter for Prevention of Pulmonary Embolism - Podcast #84

Dr. Bruce Crookes and Dr. Ronald Sing join moderator Dr. Dave Morris in discussing a new device that was developed for “bridging prophylaxis” against pulmonary embolus.  “Bridging prophylaxis” doesn’t sound familiar?  Listen to this episode to learn more. 

This podcast was made possible by a generous grant from Bio2 Medical® .

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Advanced Practitioners Training Programs - Podcast #83

Crossover episode!  Just like the time the Fonz was on Mork and Mindy, this episode brings the moderators of EAST's Traumacast, Dr. Dave Morris and Careercasts, Dr. Brad Dennis (we'll let you decide who is Mork and who is the Fonz) together. The topic is the training programs available for Adavanced Practitioners: the types of programs available, how the terms "residency" and "fellowship" are used, and what to look for in a reputable program. Guests Jon Messing and Aaron Pugh both run successful Advanced Practitioners training fellowships and are actively involved in developing these programs nationally. Both provide interesting insights into this aspect of trauma provider education.

Websites referenced:
Association of Post Graduate APRN Programs
Association of Physician Assistant Programs
American Nurses Credentialing Center
National Nurse Practitioner Residency & Fellowship Training Consortium
EAST Fellowship Listings/Advanced Practitioners 

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The Epic Battle of Giants! Point-Counterpoint 2017 - Podcast #82

Is TEG better than 1:1? Do field tourniquets save lives? Does targeted temperature management in TBI improve outcomes?  Just a few highlights from this year’s Point Counterpoint Conference in Baltimore, MD, hosted by Dr. Scalea. 

The EAST Traumacast was there to cover it all. Join us for exciting interviews with Drs. Scalea, Brenner, Davis, Britt, Stein, Haut, Jacobs, Pollak, Hunt, Efron, Henry, Sarani, Murthi and Pigneri.  Will their points change your practice?

Supplemental Material:
"TEG Cards"
 - Thank you to Dr. Bryan Cotton for sharing this information with EAST. 

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Inguinal Hernia Bailouts - Podcast #81

Ever find yourself in the middle of night wondering “What am I going to do with this hernia disaster??”  Join us as we pick the brains of two experts in the field, Drs. Mike Sarr and Shirin Towfigh, as they explore the bailout options and operative considerations.  A bit of thought now may save the night later! 

Moderators: Drs. Carrie Valdez and Dave Morris

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Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections - Podcast #80

Join us for an in depth discussion of NSTI with Dr. Eileen Bulger, MD, Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington and Chief of Trauma Surgery for Harborview Medical Center and Dr. Rondi Gelbard, MD, upcoming NSTI PMG Team Leader and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Emory University.   We discuss the timing of debridement, antibiotic management, role for transfer, HBO and so much more!  

Moderated by Drs. Carrie Valdez and Dave Morris

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Case Records of the Joint Trauma System Episode #3: The Experts Go to War - Podcast #79

At the 2017 annual meeting of the Western Trauma Association, the US military Joint Trauma System (JTS) held the third session of a new educational program called "Case Records of the Joint Trauma System". This is a planned series of presentations where an expert panel is presented with interesting and challenging battlefield trauma cases drawn from the Department of Defense Trauma Registry. This registry has captured data on all wounded patients treated at forward military medical treatment facilities during combat and post-combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This program has been spearheaded by Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Gurney, an Army trauma surgeon and the current Chief of Trauma Systems Development with the JTS. This challenging and entertaining session featured an expert panel representing both civilian and military trauma surgeons, and was co-moderated by Dr. Gurney and Dr. Matt Martin.

Carlos Brown, MD
Mitch Cohen, MD
Jim Davis, MD
Matt Eckert, MD
Joe Galante, MD
Oscar Guillamondegui, MD
Stephanie Savage, MD
Deb Stein, MD

Supplemental Materials:

  1. Joint Trauma System Website
  2. For any questions about this program, suggestions for future venues or cases, and to submit any cases or case material, please email Dr. Jen Gurney.

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Global Surgery - Mulago Hospital in Kampala Uganda - Podcast #78

Global surgery is gaining traction and trauma is a leading cause of mortality in Uganda.  Dr. Kevin Pei had the privilege of teaching an operative trauma and resuscitation course at Makerere University and Mulago Hospital in Kampala Uganda. In this traumacast, Dr. Pei discusses the role of global health surgery with Dr. Jackie, a senior trauma surgeon at the Mulago Hospital. Dr. Jackie discusses challenges and triumphs and how we can facilitate bilateral clinical exchange.

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Delivering Bad News - Podcast #77

Unfortunately, delivering bad news comes with our job as surgeons, particularly acute care surgeons. Clearly, our ability to effectively communicate with patients and their loved ones is of paramount importance, but are we all well equipped to handle the task?  In this episode, Drs. Nicole Stassen and Charity Evans share their experience and expertise on delivering bad news and end of life discussions.  Drs. Matthew Martin, David Morris, and Kevin Pei serve as moderators.

Other references
Communicating Evidence for Participatory Decision Making - JAMA, May 19, 2004—Vol 291, No. 19
Disclosing Harmful Medical Errors to Patients - n engl j med 356;26 june 28, 2007

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ECMO: Overview for the Acute Care Surgeon and Current Techniques and Indications - Podcast #76

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is an advanced modality for rescue of patients with hypoxic respiratory failure with or without associated cardiac failure, and failure to respond to conventional therapy and ventilator management. Previously, ECMO was limited to a few select centers and had scant supporting literature in adult patients for most indications. Over the past 5 years there has been an explosion in interest in ECMO and a proliferation of ECMO programs in the U.S., likely as a result of improved techniques and equipment, a large and relatively successful experience with the H1N1 influenza epidemic, and publication of the CESAR randomized trial that supports ECMO use and referral to an ECMO center for refractory respiratory failure. We discussed ECMO with two leaders in the field: Dr. David Zonies and Dr. Jay Menaker, who shared their knowledge and experience in a review format for the Acute Care Surgeon.

Supplemental Materials:
The Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) website

Downloadable adult ECMO simulator and other great ECMO resources

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EAST October 2016 Literature Review: Needle Decompression of Tension Pneumothorax - Podcast #75

In this episode of EAST Traumacast, we discuss the paper "Cadaveric comparison of the optimal site for needle decompression of tension pneumothorax by prehospital care providers" with author Dr. Dan Grabo and EAST reviewer Dr. Travis Polk.  The discussion highlights the changing dogma about needle decompression location -- you just might be convinced to change the way you use this technique! 

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Case Records of the Joint Trauma System Episode #2: A Battlefield Mortality and Morbidity Conference - Podcast #74

This is the second episode in the series of “Case Records of the Joint Trauma System (JTS). Modern battlefield trauma care is characterized by highly complex and multi-system injury patterns, severe injuries, and care delivered in an austere and resource-constrained environment. This results in fertile ground for challenging management decisions, adverse events, suboptimal outcomes, and even preventable deaths. This episode was recorded during a session at the 2017 EAST Annual Scientific Assembly that consisted of a moderated discussion of 3 cases from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that resulted in a potentially preventable death, or major adverse outcome. The cases were presented in a standard M&M conference format, with open audience discussion throughout regarding key management decisions and options, and suggestions for preventing or minimizing the adverse events. There were 4 cases presented, emphasizing every phase of battlefield care, from pre-hospital thru to medical evacuation back to the United States.

Supplemental Materials:
 to full video of the session on the EAST YouTube Channel. 

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Newtown: What Remains After All is Lost. Discussion and Q/A with Kim Snyder (Director/Producer) and Dr. William Begg (Featured Physician) - Podcast #73

The mass shooting of schoolchildren and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut shook the nation and forever altered the lives of a tight-knit community. A documentary film that focuses on the aftermath of this event is now being released, and we had the great fortune to hold a screening of this film and a post-screening discussion and Q/A session with the Director, Kim Snyder, and Dr. William Begg, who was the ER physician on duty the day of this tragic event. This special event was arranged through the efforts of Dr. Joe Sakran and immediate EAST Past President Dr. Nicole Stassen. This Traumacast episode is a recording of the post event discussion and question/answer session that was held on January 10, 2017 in conjunction with the 30th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly. 

Supplemental Materials:
From the film’s website “Filmed over the course of nearly three years, the filmmakers use unique access and never before heard testimonies to tell a story of the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history on December 14, 2012. Newtown documents a traumatized community fractured by grief and driven toward a sense of purpose. Joining the ranks of a growing club to which no one wants to belong, a cast of characters interconnect to weave an intimate story of community resilience.”

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EAST Town Hall Debate: Laparascopic Lavage for Perforated Diverticulitis - Useful Tool or Full of Stool? - Podcast #72

Listen to the audio from our latest live EAST Town Hall Debate on a current “hot topic” in emergency general surgery, the use of laparoscopic lavage as a minimally invasive and non-resectional intervention for patients who require emergency surgery for perforated diverticulitis. Listen to our experts, Christian Jones and Tejal Brahmbhatt on the “Pro” side and Kevin Schuster and Andrew Bernard on the “Con” side, discuss a recently published meta-analysis and then all of the clinical and technique-related issues surrounding this contentious topic. Moderated by Dave Morris and Matt Martin.

Supplemental Materials:
EAST November Literature Review - including discussion of the meta-analysis:
Angenete E et al. Laparoscopic lavage is superior to colon resection for perforated purulent diverticulitis—a meta­analysis. Int J Colorectal Dis. 2016;(ePub ahead of print)

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EAST November 2016 Literature Review Traumacast: AAST Severity Scoring for ACS Diseases - Podcast #71

Drs. Marie Crandall and Christian Jones join moderators Dave Morris and Matt Martin to discuss what may become a landmark paper in emergency general surgery.  Imagine if general surgery diseases could be graded by severity like traumatic injuries are with AIS/ISS.  Dr. Crandall and her co-authors have published just such a severity scoring system, which holds the promise of standardizing our nomenclature across the ACS community.  Listen as Drs. Crandall and Jones discuss the utility of this system and ways to promote its adoption.

Article Abstract
EAST November 2016 Literature Review

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EAST October 2016 Literature Review - When is it Safe to Give TBI Patients DVT Chemoprophylaxis? - Podcast #70

Drs. James Byrne and Amy Makley join moderator Dr. Dave Morris to discuss a very compelling recent paper that looked at the safety of early DVT chemoprophylaxis (within 72 hours of injury) to late (> 72 hrs after injury).  Dr.s Byrne and Makley also discuss the protocols they use in their institutions for this difficult clinical problem and the relative lack of guidelines available to help guide trauma clinicians. 

Article Abstract

EAST PMG: Evaluation and Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury 

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Modern Management of ARDS and Hypoxic Respiratory Failure - Podcast #69

In this episode, Drs. Carlos Brown and Lewis Kaplan discuss modern management of ARDS and hypoxic respiratory failure.  Both experts share practical and useful insight and raise important questions and controversies.  You won’t be disappointed!  Drs. Kevin Pei, Matt Martin, and Dave Morris served as moderators.                                                                                

Supplemental Materials
NEJM Article on Proning


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Research Support and Mentorship through EAST: The New INVEST-C Program - Podcast #68

In this episode of Traumacast, we interviewed Dr. Jason Smith and Dr. Ben Zarzaur about an exciting new EAST program called: Investigator Support Team Core, or INVEST-C. This program aims to leverage the considerable amount of research resources of the EAST membership in order to provide research mentorship, research design assistance, multicenter collaborations, statistical support, and editorial services for young investigators with promising research ideas and projects. The program will formally kick off in 2017 with a two-day research “Hackathon” where a small group of selected junior researchers will receive intensive mentorship and assistance to fully develop their research plan, study design, and IRB/IACUC proposal, and leave with a complete or near-complete project that is ready to execute. Listen for some great insights into not only this new EAST program, but also on key lessons and tips to succeed in the field of surgical research.

Supplemental Materials:

EAST Careercast Programs: There are three current EAST Careercast interviews focused on research and publishing. These include interviews with Dr. Ben Zarzaur, Dr. Joe DuBose, and Dr. Gene Moore. Click here for more information.

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Firearms Policy and Injury Prevention: EAST Roundtable Discussion on EBR Review - Podcast #67

In this episode of Traumacast, we hosted an EAST roundtable discussion on firearms policy and firearm-related injury prevention. The discussion centered around the recently released EAST literature review and Practice Management Guideline on the efficacy of restrictive licensing and concealed carry laws for preventing firearm-related injuries, as well as the recent efforts of the Committee on Trauma to promote open discussion and consensus buidling to tackle this challenging problem. The panelists included Marie Crandall and Alex Eastman (co-authors of the EAST PMG), Ronny Stewart (Chair, COT), Nicole Stassen (EAST President), and Kevin Schuster (Chair, EAST Manuscript and Literature Review Committee). This interview was recorded live at the 2016 AAST Annual Meeting in Waikaloa, Hawaii.

Supplemental Materials:
EAST Practice Management Guideline: Prevention of Firearm-Related Injuries with Restrictive Licensing and Concealed Carry Laws 

Firearm Injury Prevention: A Consensus Approach to Reducing Preventable Deaths

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EAST August 2016 Literature Review Traumacast: Pediatric Trauma - Podcast #66

In this episode we discuss two issues highlighted in the August 2016 EAST Literature review concerning Pediatric Trauma: the meaning and definition of pediatric traumatic coagulopathy and what to do with an injured child with a tender c-spine and negative imaging. Drs. Barbara Gaines, David Mooney, and John Petty joing moderators Dave Morris and Matt Martin for a thought-provoking discussion that will be interesting to anyone who cares for injured children -- even providers who don't normally treat pediatric patients.

Supplemental Materials
Acute traumatic coagulopathy in a critically injured pediatric population: Definition, trend over time, and outcomes.

Outcomes of pediatric patients with persistent midline cervical spine tenderness and negative imaging result after trauma.


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EAST Town Hall Debate – Clearing the C-spine based on CT scan Only - Best Practice or Dangerous Precedent? - Podcast #65

Election season is upon us…Drs. Schuster and Stassen (EAST president) face off with Drs. Patel and Skinner!  The experts debate the merits of cervical spine collar clearance based on CT alone in the obtunded patient.   This debate is based on the EAST 2015 PMG (link below).  Audience members called in and pressed our experts for answers to difficult questions.  Who won the debate…click “PLAY” and find out.  Stay tuned for the next Traumacast!

Drs. Kevin Pei and Matthew Martin served as moderators for this debate.

Supplemental Materials
EAST PMG - Cervial Spine Collar Clearance in the Obtunded Adult Blunt Trauma Patient

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REBOA: Techniques, Indications, Pitfalls, and Incorporating it in Your Trauma Program - Podcast #64

IMPORTANT NOTE: This podcast is a lead-in to an EAST Master Class online webinar on REBOA that will be held on October 6, 2016 at 5pm (Eastern Standard Time). See the link below to register. After that date, the webinar will be available on the EAST website to view

In this episode of Traumacast, we interview Dr. Laura Moore and Dr. Elizabeth Benjamin on one of the current “hot topics” in trauma care and resuscitation, resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA). These techniques and devices offer a new therapeutic option for the patient with significant non-compressible truncal hemorrhage, and can serve as a resuscitative bridge to provide additional time to get the patient to the operating room or angiography suite. Dr. Moore and Dr. Benjamin share their experience and insights as two early adopters of REBOA at their Level 1 trauma centers. This interview was recorded live at the 2016 AAST Annual Meeting in Waikaloa, Hawaii.

Supplemental Materials:
Collection of major REBOA studies and abstracts

Register for the October 6, 2016 EAST “Master Class” Live Webinar on REBOA with Dr. Laura Moore and Dr. Elizabeth Benjamin

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Inaugural Session of the Case Records of the Joint Trauma System: The Experts Go to War - Podcast #63

At the 2016 annual meeting of the Military Health System Research Symposium, the US military Joint Trauma System (JTS) held the inaugural session of a new educational program called "Case Records of the Joint Trauma System". This is the first in a planned series of presentations where an expert panel is presented with interesting and challenging battlefield trauma cases drawn from the Department of Defense Trauma Registry. This registry has captured data on all wounded patients treated at forward military medical treatment facilities during combat and post-combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This program has been spearheaded by Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Gurney, an Army trauma surgeon and the current Chief of Trauma Systems Development with the JTS. This challenging and entertaining session featured an expert panel representing multiple military services and several allied nations, and was co-moderated by Dr. Gurney and Dr. John Holcomb.

Colonel Ray Fang, US Air Force
Colonel (retired) Don Jenkins, US Air Force
Major Valerie Sams, US Air Force
Colonel Matthew Martin, US Army
Surgeon Captain Rory Rickard, Royal Navy
Lieutenant Colonel Avi Yitzhak, Israeli Defense Forces

Supplemental Materials:

  1. Joint Trauma System Website
  2. For any questions about this program, suggestions for future venues or cases, and to submit any cases or case material, please email Dr. Jen Gurney.
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A Randomized Trial of TEG versus Conventional Coagulation Tests to Guide Massive Transfusion in Bleeding Trauma Patients: Interview with Dr. Gene Moore - Podcast #62

Viscoelastic assays for assessing the coagulation system have been around for decades, but have recently seen a surge in interest and research in the trauma community. Thromboelastography (TEG) and Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) provide a real-time assessment of multiple aspects and factors involved in clot initiation, development and maturation, and then breakdown or lysis. Many trauma centers have begun incorporating viscoelastic testing in the initial evaluation of injured patients, particularly among those with known or suspected active bleeding. Although TEG/ROTEM have many theoretical advantes compared to standard or conventional coagulation assays, there have been no prospective controlled trials comparing them head to head until now. We interviewed Dr. Gene Moore, the senior author and principal investigator on a recently published prospective randomized trial comparing the utility and associated outcomes of massive transfusions guided by TEG versus those guided by conventional coagulation assays. This is a must-read paper for all trauma providers, and Dr. Moore provides some great additional insights into the study design, results, and interpretation.

Supplemental Materials:
Goal-directed Hemostatic Resuscitation of Trauma-induced Coagulopathy: A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing a Viscoelastic Assay to Conventional Coagulation Assays
Annals of Surgery: June 2016 - Volume 263 - Issue 6 - p 1051–1059

EAST Online Education Activity  - TEG/ROTEM Testing in Trauma & Transfusion Management

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Intraoperative Hypotensive Resuscitation - Podcast #61

In this episode, we discuss an interesting study which was recently published in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (see link below) with the study’s lead author, Dr. Matthew Carrick, and the senior author, Dr. Kenneth Mattox.  Drs. Carrick and Mattox describe the extension of the hypotensive resuscitation paradigm beyond the trauma bay and into the operating room, as well as some details about how they were able to accomplish this prospective, randomized trial with exception from informed consent.  In characteristic form, Dr. Mattox also challenges the audience to take on more areas of untested dogma — what he calls the “sacred cows” of patient care — and to make an impact in clinical science research.

Article Referenced
Carrick MM, Morrison CA, Tapia NM, Leonard J, Suliburk JW, Norman MA, Welsh FJ, Scott BG, Liscum KR, Raty SR, Wall MJ Jr, Mattox KL. Intraoperative hypotensive resuscitation for patients undergoing laparotomy or thoracotomy for trauma: Early termination of a randomized prospective clinical trial. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2016 Jun;80(6):886-96.

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Whole Blood Transfusion: Everything Old is New Again - Podcast #60

Whole blood transfusion, once the norm, is once again rising to the forefront of hemorrhage resuscitation science.  In this podcast, Drs. Philip Spinella and Alan Murdock share their expert thoughts and opinions regarding the rationale for whole blood transfusion.  After listening, you just may want to start using whole blood in your hospital.

Articles Referenced:

  1. Cotton BA, Podbielski J, Camp E, Welch T, del Junco D, Bai Y, Hobbs R, Scroggins J, Hartwell B, Kozar RA, Wade CE, Holcomb JB; Early Whole Blood Investigators. A randomized controlled pilot trial of modified whole blood versus component therapy in severely injured patients requiring large volume transfusions. Ann Surg. 2013 Oct;258(4):527-32; discussion 532-3
  2. Spinella PC, Pidcoke HF, Strandenes G, Hervig T, Fisher A, Jenkins D, Yazer M, Stubbs J, Murdock A, Sailliol A, Ness PM, Cap AP. Whole blood for hemostatic resuscitation of major bleeding. Transfusion. 2016 Apr;56 Suppl 2:S190-202.
  3. Blumberg BS, Kuvin SF, Robinson JC, Teitelbaum JM, Contacos PG.  Alterations in Haptoglobin Levels. JAMA. 1963;184(13):1021-1023
  4. Nessen SC, Eastridge BJ, Cronk D, Craig RM, Berséus O, Ellison R, Remick K, Seery J, Shah A, Spinella PC. Fresh whole blood use by forward surgical teams in  Afghanistan is associated with improved survival compared to component therapy without platelets. Transfusion. 2013 Jan;53 Suppl 1:107S-113S.
  5. Strandenes G, Berséus O, Cap AP, Hervig T, Reade M, Prat N, Sailliol A, Gonzales R, Simon CD, Ness P, Doughty HA, Spinella PC, Kristoffersen EK. Low titer group O whole blood in emergency  situations. Shock. 2014 May;41 Suppl 1:70-5
  6. Strandenes G, De Pasquale M, Cap AP, Hervig TA, Kristoffersen EK, Hickey M,
    Cordova C, Berseus O, Eliassen HS, Fisher L, Williams S, Spinella PC. Emergency whole-blood use in the field: a simplified protocol for collection and transfusion. Shock. 2014 May;41 Suppl 1:76-83.
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Simulation and Surgical Training - Promise and Pitfalls - Podcast #59

In this traumacast, Dr. Howard Champion, EAST Founding Member and 1991 EAST President, and surgical simulation expert shares his experience and vision for simulation in surgery training.  Dr. Champion is a seasoned surgical educator, serving as Chief of Trauma at Washington Hospital Center for many years.  In 2001, he founded SimQuest, a leading simulation platform provider.  Dr. Champion not only discusses his views on the utility of simulation in competency based assessment, but also offers encouragement for those interested in a career in simulation-based surgical education.  Drs. Kevin Pei and Matt Martin serve as co-moderators.

Supplemental Materials
Minimizing Surgical Error by Incorporating Objective Assessment into Surgical Education
SimQuest Website

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Highlights and Interviews from the 29th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly held January 12-16, 2016 - Podcast #58

The 29th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly took place January 12-16, 2016 in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting once again had record attendance, and boasted a wide array of educational, scientific, career development, and social programs. And of course - dodgeball! The EAST Traumacast was there to cover it all and bring you highlights, interviews, and summaries from this great meeting. This traumacast starts out with an interview with the 29th EAST President,  Dr. Stan Kurek, then covers the highlights from the entire meeting, and closes with an interview with the 30th EAST President, Dr. Nicole Stassen.

Supplemental Materials

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Highlights and Interviews from the 2016 Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery Conference (aka the “Mattox Meeting”) in Las Vegas - Podcast #57

One of the most well known and attended trauma conferences in the world is the Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery Conference, held annually in Las Vegas. Also known as the “Mattox Meeting”, this conference attracts a large and diverse group of attendees with an interest in trauma and emergency surgical care. For the 49th annual meeting we joined forces with the “Behind the Knife” podcast team to cover the conference and bring you interviews and discussions with the incredible group of expert faculty assembled by Dr. Mattox. We also had the opportunity to sit down and interview the Behind the Knife team about their experience and insights from starting a new surgical podcast that has become one of the top medical podcasts in the country. 

Interviewees include: The Behind the Knife team (Scott Steele, Jason Bingham, John McClellan), Kenneth Mattox, Ali Salim, Marty Schreiber, Kenji Inaba, Scott Steele, Mike Sise, and Raul Coimbra.

Supplemental Materials
Behind the Knife:
Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery Conference:

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State of Early Goal Directed Therapy - Podcast #56

In this EAST Traumacast, the state of Early Goal Directed Therapy is discussed with two dynamic speakers, Dr. Donald Yealy who is the lead author on the PROCESS trial , and Dr. Ruby Skinner who is a busy SICU director.  This and two other studies prompted changes in the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines.  Drs. Yealy and Skinner give insight into how early goal directed therapy has changed since the original studies and how the changes have impacted their patient care.  The discussion is moderated by Dr. Kevin Pei and Dr. Matt Martin.

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#HELP! Social Media for the Surgeon: Getting Started, Building a Following, and Building a Community - Podcast #55

Social media plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of personal and professional life, and can have profound impacts both positive and negative. Having a solid basic understanding of the mechanics and “rules of the game” is critical to successfully adopting and using social media. EAST as an organization has embraced social media, and for the 2016 Annual Scientific Assembly made a concerted effort to increase the social media presence of the meeting on Twitter. We were able to sit down with the core group of EAST Twitter users, aka the “EAST Twitterati”, and discuss how to get started on social media, practical tips and advice for optimizing the experience, key potential pitfalls to be aware of, and how the use of social media has impacted their personal lives and careers.

Interviewees: Elliott Haut, Joe Sakran, Christian Jones, Paula Ferrada, Rob Winfield, Jason Smith, Brad Dennis, Alex Eastman, Jamie Coleman, and Tareq Kheirbek

Supplemental Materials:
Twitter 101 tip sheet

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EAST February 2016 Literature Review Traumacast - Podcast #54

In this episode, we have a lively discussion about the papers reviewed by Dr. Niels Martin in the February EAST literature review.  We were also very fortunate to have Dr. Bob Martindale, who was one of the lead authors for the 2016 ASPEN/SCCM ICU nutrition guidelines, join us to discuss the key issues of importance to Trauma/ICU providers.  We also discuss the effect of age of stored red blood cells with Dr. Martin Schreiber.  Also joining in this discussion were EAST members Dr. Kevin Schuster and Dr. Andrew Bernard.  The discussion is moderated by Dr. Dave Morris and Dr. Matt Martin.

Supplemental Materials
2016 ASPEN/SCCM ICU Nutrition Guidelines

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Sham Peer Review for Surgeons: EAST Town Hall Discussion - Podcast #53

In this podcast we discuss the process of professional peer review, and how this process can be used or mis-used for a variety of reasons. Our guest is Dr. Larry Huntoon, who has become a recognized national expert in the area of “sham peer review”, and who was written and lectured extensively about common themes in techniques and tactics that are used in these proceedings. He gives some great advice about recognizing, reacting to, and even preventing this type of adverse professional action for surgeons. This interview was done as a “Town Hall” session, and Dr. Huntoon takes questions from the attendees after the formal moderated interview. The discussion is moderated by Dr. Matthew Martin and Dr. Andrew Bernard. 

Supplemental Materials: 

  1. Editorial: Tactics Characteristic of Sham Peer Review by Larry Huntoon, MD, PhD
  2.  Recognizing the Tactics of Sham Peer Review: a 3-part video series presented by Dr. Larry Huntoon
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Small Bowel Obstruction: Utilizing the Gastrografin® Challenge - Podcast #52

In this podcast we discuss small bowel obstruction – a common problem that can be challenging to treat appropriately – with Dr. Martin Zielinski, Associate Professor of Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  Dr. Zielinski  discusses several aspects of small bowel obstruction: which patients need an operation?  Which will resolve with time?  How long should nonoperative management be attempted before taking a patient to surgery?  We also discuss how to utilize the Gastrografin® challenge into the clinical decision making process. The discussion is moderated by Dr. David Morris and Dr. Levi Proctor.

Supplemental Materials:
CT image showing small bowel feces sign and article references

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EAST Town Hall Debate: Hartford Consensus Conference vs. TECC: What is the Right Approach for the Active Shooter Epidemic? - Podcast #51 - EP

This podcast is from the second EAST Town Hall Debate session, where two panels of experts discuss and compare the Hartford Consensus Conference guidelines and the Emergency Tactical Casualty Care recommendations and program for improving outcomes from active shooter and other intentional mass casualty events. The debate is moderated by Dr. Andrew Bernard.

Pro Hartford Consensus Conference
Alexander Eastman, MD
Eric Campion, MD

Pro Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
Babak Sarani, MD
E. Reed Smith, MD
Gene Reilly, MD

Supplemental Materials

ACS Bulletin with the Hartford Consensus III Report

TECC 2015 updated guidelines

TECC website

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EAST Town Hall Debate: Antibiotics-Only vs. Surgery for Acute Appendicitis: The APPAC Trial and Beyond - Podcast #50 - EP

This podcast is the recording of the first inaugural EAST Town Hall Debate session, on the topic of treating patients with an “Antibiotics-only” approach for acute appendicitis versus the standard treatment of surgical appendectomy. This has become a particularly controversial topic recently following publication of the APPAC Trial in JAMA (link to article below). The program started with two teams in a standard debate format, followed by additional expert commentary from two invited guest speakers: Dr. Edward Livingston, Deputy Editor of JAMA and Dr. Elliott Haut, author of an invited commentary on the APPAC Trial. The debate was then opened up to questions and comments from any listener during the live session.

The Foes:  EAST Emergency General Surgery Section (Pro Appendectomy) vs. EAST Online Education Section (Pro Antibiotics-only)

Moderated by Dr. Levi Procter

Supplemental Materials:
APPAC Trial - JAMA website.
 This page also contains links to multiple related commentaries, as well as a podcast interview with the study authors by Dr. Livingston.


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Highlights from the 2015 Western Trauma Association Meeting - Podcast #49 - EP

Highlights from the 2015 Western Trauma Association Meeting - Podcast #49 - EP

This is the first in our series of podcasts from some of the key trauma and ACS annual meetings. The 2015 Western Trauma Association was held in Telluride, Colorado, and we were there to record the highlights and interviews with many of the attendees and presenters. See below for a listing of the interviews and supplemental materials including a copy of the meeting program book. Next, we look forward to a Traumacast from the 2016 EAST Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

2:15             Hasan Alam on VPA + fluid resuscitation in a TBI model
7:15             Drs. Chapman and Moore on the TEG “Death Diamond” and plasma-first resuscitation
14:17           Dr. Nelson on “Sugar or Salt”: relative role of mineralocorticoids in shock
17:50           Dr. Olson on a randomized trial of heparin vs lovenox for VTE prophylaxis
21:58           Dr. Miller on repairing flank hernias using bone-anchor fixation
27:38           Tourniquet Debate: Carlos Brown vs Kenji Inaba
32:15            Dr. Berndtson on Outcomes with K-Centra 4-factor PCC
36:15            Dr. Russo on pigtail catheter versus chest tube for hemothorax drainage
40:25            Dr. Bensard on the utility of routine serum HgB checks in pediatric trauma
46:28            Dr. Aydelotte on the impact of marijuana legalization on traffic fatalities
51:45            Dr. Parker on the impact of TXA on fibrinolysis parameters by TEG
56:25            Dr. Moren on recursive partitioning to better define massive transfusion
1:01:55         Dr. Pharoan on massive abdominal wall injury due to fireworks
1:06:40         Expert Case Panel: Drs. Shackford, Karmy-Jones, Rhee, & Schreiber
1:09:30         Dr. Cohen on the WTA Multicenter study of the “found down” patient
1:14:30         Dr. Christine Cocanour on the WTA and her term as WTA President

Supplemental Materials: 
WTA 2015 Program Book
Dec 2015 issue of the Journal of Trauma and ACS

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Pediatric Non-Accidental Trauma: Recognizing the Red Flags - Podcast #48

Pediatric abusive injuries and non-accidental trauma (NAT) are unfortunately common and widespread, and can frequently go unrecognized with disastrous outcomes. In this podcast we discuss pediatric NAT with Dr. Tony Escobar and Dr. Elizabeth Pohlson from Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Dr. Escobar and Dr. Pohlson are recognized local and national experts on this topic, and have implemented a hugely successful evidence-based and multi-disciplinary screening and evaluation process at their center. In this podcast they discuss the problem of pediatric NAT, as well as the common “red flags” from the history, physical examination, and radiologic studies that should alert a physician to the possibility of NAT. In addition, they discuss some actual cases and real-world scenarios involving pediatric NAT, along with practical advice for the front line medical provider on optimal evaluation and management strategies. A copy of their standardized NAT evaluation note as well as their evidence based evaluation algorithm are included below in the supplementary materials section. 

Supplemental Materials: 
NAT Evaluation Note

NAT Algorithm
Non-Accidental Trauma slideset

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Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: A Modern Approach - Podcast #47 - EP

Management of the patient with large or complicated abdominal wall defects requires a broad and deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and surgical techniques that go well beyond the standard ventral hernia repair. Today we spoke with two experts in the modern management of the complex or multiply recurrent hernia, Dr. Robert Martindale and Dr. Sean Orenstein. We discussed the scope of the problem, the workup of these patients, optimal techniques including the retrorectus repair and the posterior component separation (or “TAR”), and then key postop management issues. This podcast also served as a lead-in to our inaugural “EAST Master Classes” live webinar held on December 7, 2015 . This webinar featured Dr. Martindale and Dr. Orenstein, and they demonstrated several of these repair techniques and strategies. If you missed the live webinar, the session was recorded and placed on the EAST Online Education Center as an enduring talk.

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Medical Malpractice, Litigation, and Legal Implications of Practice Management Guidelines - Podcast #46 - EP

Medical malpractice claims and other litigation have unfortunately become a common occurrence in all fields of surgery. Although each case has unique and specific aspects, there are common patterns, themes, and risk factors that all practicing physicians should be aware of in order to minimize or even completely avoid these situations. In addition, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about how published guidelines such as the EAST Practice Managemenet Guidelines may be used for or against the physician in establishing the standard of care and any violoations of that standard. We discuss these issues with Dr. Carlo Reyes, a board certified Emergency Medicine physician, health care attorney, and nationally recognized expert in medical malpractice, and Dr. Chet Morrison, a Trauma and Surgical Critical Care attending with  a longstanding interest in this area.

Supplemental Materials:
Legal implications of Pay for Performance article by Dr. Reyes

Minimizing your malpractice risk article by Dr. Reyes
Value of CPGs as “Safe Harbors” for Legal Defense

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Critical Care Management of Traumatic Brain Injury - Podcast #45

In this Traumacast, Drs. Levi Procter and Andrew Bernard interview Dr. Joshua Levine, Chief of Neurocritical Care and the University of Pennsylvania regarding the critical care management of traumatic brain injury.  Dr. Levine is a nationally recognized expert in Neurocritical care. Recently, the ACS COT updated their guidelines on the management of severe traumatic brain injury. We discuss the new-tiered therapies, the pros and cons and how to apply this in your practice. 

Supplementary Materials
ACS TQIP - Best Practices in the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury

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Rib Fracture Plating: Why and How? - Podcast #44 - EP

Rib fracture plating has gained popularity in recent years as more and more Trauma providers have adopted this procedure into their treatment armamentarium.  In this episode of Traumacast Dave Morris and Matt Martin discuss rib fracture plating with Dr. Bill Long, who has extensive experience in treating injuries of the chest wall and was instrumental in the development of one of the commercially available rib plating systems, and Dr. Babak Sarani who has adopted the procedure within the last 5 years.  The topics of discussion include the rationale for performing the procedure, how to select patients who will benefit, and some technique tips.

Supplementary Materials
EAST Online Education Center - Surgical Treatment of Rib Plating by Dr. David Ciesla

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Active Shooter Events, Training, and the Hartford Consensus Conference - Podcast #43 - EP

An interview with Dr. Alexander Eastman, the Trauma Medical Director at Parkland Memorial Hospital and a current law enforcement officer with the Dallas Police Department, and Dr. Imad Haque, an active duty Army surgeon and the Director of Simulation Training at Madigan Army Medical Center. These two nationally recognized experts discuss what to expect in active shooter scenarios, how to respond, and most importantly how to prepare yourself and your facility through the use of realistic and well-planned simulation training. The interview concludes with a discussion of the rationale and recommendations from the Hartford Consensus Conferences.

Supplementary Materials:
Active shooter slide presentation from Dr. Eastman
DHS Active Shooter Pocket Card
Hartford Consensus Conference 1
Hartford Consensus Conference 2

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The bigger they are... : Tips and Tricks for Managing Complications in Bariatric Surgery Patients - Podcast #42 - EP

An interview with Dr. Matthew Martin, the Trauma Medical Director at Madigan Army Medical Center and one of their core faculty on the Bariatric Surgery Service. Dr. Martin is an active member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and serves as an Associate Editor with Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. This session is moderated by Dr. Levi Procter, and special guest moderator Dr. Andrew Bernard, who discuss the increasingly common issue of urgent and emergent complications among patients who have had a prior bariatric surgical procedure. The interview covers the initial evaluation and diagnostic workup, operative and nonoperative management strategies, and clinical "pearls" for the acute care surgeon who is faced with one of these challenging scenarios.

Supplementary Materials
Bariatric surgery problems and complications syllabus
ASMBS Poster: Pearls for Emergency Care of the Bariatric Surgery Patient

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An Insider’s Guide to the Journal of Trauma, Academic Productivity, and How to Participate - Podcast #41 - EP

An interview with Dr. Ernest "Gene" Moore, a giant in the field of trauma and the current Editor in Chief of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Sugery. Dr. Moore takes us behind the scenes of a major academic journal, and provides advice and insights on starting an academic career and producing high quality and publishable research. He then discusses how to become more active with scientific journals by serving as a peer-reviewer and what it takes to join the Editorial Board. The interview concludes with Dr. Moore's thoughts and experience on the relatively unique career path of becoming the Editor in Chief of a major journal.

Supplementary materials
View the online CME activity "So You Want to Publish in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (JOT)? Tips and Tricks for Academic Success in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery" given by Dr. Juan Duchesne.

This interview is a combined effort between EAST's Online Education Section and Career Development Section. The interview has been posted on the EAST Traumacast and Careercast pages.

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Setting the Agenda and Building Coalitions: The National Trauma Institute and the Coalition for National Trauma Research - Podcast #40 - EP

An interview with Dr. Donald Jenkins, one of the leading figures behind the National Trauma Institute (NTI) and the newly created Coalition for National Trauma Research (CNTR). Dr. Jenkins discusses the history, formation, mission, and future of these two organizations and how they are positively impacting the ability to perform high-quality clinical trauma research and fostering a national trauma research agenda.

Supplementary Materials
The National Trauma Institute information brochure
Coalition for National Trauma Research Website
"The Trauma Research Imperative" from the NTI

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The Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative (PTTC) - Podcast #39 - EP

An interview with Dr. Richard Falcone and Dr. Denis Bensard about an exciting new program they have developed to enhance pediatric trauma care in the U.S. They discuss how their Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center has partnered with multiple adult Level 2 centers to enhance their ability to provide high quality pediatric trauma care, and to successfully obtain ACS verification as pediatric trauma centers.

Supplementary materials: download a presentation with additional information and resources related to the PTTC.

Link to Dr. Falcone’s CME talk on Trauma Simulation Training

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Surgical Management of Clostridium Difficile Colitis - Podcast #38

Listen to us discuss the surgical management of clostridium difficile colitis with Dr. Paula Ferrada. We tackle surgical and medical therapy based on the best available evidence. See EAST's Online Education session on this topic too.

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Translation of War Trauma Care into the Civilian Sector - Podcast #37

Listen to Dr. Matthew Martin discuss the great advances in civilian trauma care as a result of 10 years of conflict.  He tackles great topics such as tourniquets, hemostatic dressings, tension pneumothorax and what's ahead. See EAST's Online Education session on this topic too.

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Airway Pressure Release Ventilation for Severely Injured Trauma Patients - Podcast #36

A discussion with Dr. Adrian Maung on the Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) mode for respiratory failure in multi-trauma patients.

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Adjunctive Treatment of Abdominal Catastrophes and Sepsis with Direct Peritoneal Resuscitation (DPR): Indication For Use in Acute Care Surgery - Podcast - #35

A discussion with Dr. Jason Smith on the utilization of direct peritoneal resuscitation in the treatment of abdominal catastrophes.

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Outpatient Laparoscopic Appendectomy - Podcast - #34

A discussion with Dr. Richard Frazee, in regards to a successful protocol for outpatient laparoscopic appendectomy in acute appenditics.

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Effects of Obesity in the Care of the Traumatically Injured - Podcast #33

A discussion with Dr. Rob Winfield regarding the effects of obesity in the care of the traumatically injured. 

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An interview with EAST Past President, Dr. Sagraves regarding the future of EAST.. - Podcast #32

A discussion about the future of EAST with EAST Past President, Dr. Sagraves. 

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Complex_Abdominal_Wall_Hernia_Repair - Podcast #31

A discussion with Dr. Khashayar Vaziri regarding repair of complex abdominal wall hernia, use of mesh, and placement techniques.

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Vasopressin Following Hemorrhagic Shock - Podcast #30

A discussion with Dr. Carrie Sims regarding her research into vasopressin deficiency following hemorrhage and its potential role in resuscitation.

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Starting A Trauma_Center - Podcast #29

A brief discussion of political and financial issues faced when The Trauma Center at Penn opened in 1988. Many of the same issues are still faced by trauma directors in new trauma centers. 

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Damage Control Resuscitation - Podcast #28

A discussion of damage control resuscitation - what it is and how to implement it and why. An interview with Michael Rotondo,  MD.

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Blunt Splenic Injury - Podcast #27

A discussion regarding the management of blunt splenic injury with reference to the EAST Practice Management Guideline on this topic.

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Deep Hypothermia - Podcast #26

Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation Trial evaluating deep hypothermia for cardiac arrest following penetrating trauma. Discussion with Dr Sam Tisherman, the PI for the study. 

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Hypertonic Saline Prehospital - Podcast #25

A discussion with Dr. Eileen Bulger regarding her two trials evaluating the role of hypertonic saline in the pre-hospital setting.

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Coagulopathy Trauma TEG - Podcast #24

A discussion regarding causes of coagulopathy in trauma and the use of TEG in its diagnosis and management.

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Helicopter Transport and Mortality after Trauma - Podcast #23

A discussion regarding Dr. Haider's study which showed the transportation by helicopter following trauma improves survival.

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Adult Concussions - Podcast #22

A discussion with Dr. Robert Barraco regarding the diagnosis and treatment of concussion in adults.

This podcast is eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABS MOC Program. Visit the EAST Education Center for details.

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Pediatric Concussions - Podcast #21

A discussion with Dr. Michael Nance on diagnosis and treatment of concussion in children, including a proposal for determining when kids can return to contact sports. 

This Traumacast is eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABS MOC Program. Visit the EAST Education Center for details.

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Screening for DVT following Trauma - Podcast #20

A discussion with Dr. Elliott Haut regarding the pros and cons of screening for DVT in asymptomatic patients following trauma.

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Topical Hemostatics - Podcast #19

A discussion with Dr. Martin Schreiber on the various types of topical hemostatic agents that can be used either pre- or intra-operatively - their mechanisms of action, uses, and limitations.

This Traumacast is eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM self-assessment credits toward Part 2 of the ABS MOC Program. Visit the EAST Education Center for details.

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Training in Trauma Surgery - Podcast #18

A discussion comparing the ATLS, ASSET, and ATOM courses and the future role of simulation in trauma surgery training

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Mortality in Minority Hospitals - Podcast #17

A discussion with Dr Adil Haider regarding reasons for increased mortality noted in hospitals that treat mostly minority patients following injury.

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Getting a Trauma Fellowship and Job - Podcast #16

Discussion with Dr. Joe Sakran on getting into a trauma fellowship and securing a job

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Beta Blocker Therapy For Traumatic Brain Injury - Podcast #15

A discussion of the role of beta-blocker therapy following TBI. We discuss Dr. Cotton and others' studies suggesting a mortality benefit, possible mechanisms underlying this finding, and how/when to go about instituting beta-blockade in this population. 

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Trauma Scoring Systems Dr Champion - Podcast #14

Dr. Champion helped establish EAST and describe the ISS/AIS and TRISS scoring systems. We discussion of various commonly used trauma scoring systems and their shortcomings. We also discuss how to go about assessing and creating a scoring system.

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Rib Fractures and Mortality Dr Luchette - Podcast #13

A discussion with Fred Luchette regarding factors associated with mortality following rib fractures. We discuss who requires evaluation at a trauma center, how requires ICU admission, pain control, and the role of rib plate fixation and tracheostomy in these patients. 

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Screening For Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury - Podcast #12

A discussion with Dr. Martin Croce regarding the use of CTA versus angiography to screen for blunt cerebrovascular injury.

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ICU Management of the TBI Patient - Podcast #11

A discussion of techniques to minimize secondary brain injury, including measurement of cerebral pressures and oxygen tension and interventions such as the role of steroids, transfusion, hypothermia for brain injury. 

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Measuring Outcomes in Trauma - Podcast #10

A discussion of measuring and comparing outcomes between trauma centers. Discussion involves use of this information by trauma directors and verifying bodies. 

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Damage Control Surgery - Podcast #9

A discussion with Dr. Bill Schwab regarding the evolution of damage control surgery in trauma care

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Hypothermia in Trauma - Podcast #8

The current role of hypothermia in trauma care and future directions for use of this modality in the care of the injured patient

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Acute Care Surgery and Training Tomorrow's Trauma Surgeon - Podcast #7

A discussion of the current status of the acute care surgery training program, why it is needed, and how to attract future surgeons to this field. Dr. Britt also discusses some the skill sets that the ACS surgeon will need/have, board certification for this field, and integration of this new subspecialty into the surgical community. 

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Thromboelastography (TEG) in Trauma Care - Podcast #6

An in-depth discussion regarding use of TEG to diagnose both hypo- and hyper-coagulable states following injury

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Trauma Exsanguination Protocols in Trauma - Podcast #5

A discussion regarding the evidentiary basis for trauma exsanguination protocols in trauma systems and how to go about writing and implementing them

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The CONTROL trial: Factor VIIa in Trauma - Podcast #4

A discussion of the CONTROL trial, it's design, findings, and ramifications regarding the role of Factor VIIa in trauma patients. 

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Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring Following TBI - Podcast #3

An interview with Dr. Peter LeRoux regarding brain tissue oxygen monitoring and the BOOST II trial, a randomized prospective multicenter trial evaluating the feasibility of this technology for TBI.

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Hepatic Necrosis Following Angioembolization - Podcast #2

Interview with Dr. Tom Scalea regarding the treatment of hepatic necrosis following angioembolization for severe injury

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Clinical Practice Guidelines in Trauma Care - Podcast #1

An interview with Michael Rhodes regarding implementing and enforcing clinical practice guidelines in a trauma center

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