Quality in Communication: What, Why, and How - An EAST Webinar

Aug 11, 2020

Building Rapport and Earning the Patient and Family’s Trust Through Relationship-Focused Communication 
August 11, 2020
4pm-5pm Eastern

Brought to you by the EAST Quality, Patient Safety, and Outcomes Committee.

Rachel Appelbaum, MD
Anna Newcomb, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Communication skills are essential to providing patient-centered care that is customized and adapted to patients’ individual values, needs, and preferences. Clear, timely, respectful, and compassionate communication is critical in surgical practice where communication needs vary in complexity from setting patient and family expectations and assessing adherence, to eliciting patient/family perspectives and concerns, navigating through family conflicts, communicating bad news, and disclosing adverse outcomes. The quality of physician communication is related to important outcomes such as treatment compliance, diagnostic accuracy, patient and family experience, patient safety, and effective care coordination. In addition, the majority of malpractice claims are initiated as a result of a physician-patient relationship problem: research suggests that most litigious patients perceived their physician as uncaring, and to be poor listeners. 

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