EVTM Workshop

Sep 7–8, 2017

Orebro University Hospital
Orebro, Sweden

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The biannual EVTM Workshops are a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments and practice hands on techniques on live tissue.

The next EVTM Workshop will be September 7-8, 2017

Participants are usually very experienced physicians with trauma interest (trauma, general, vascular, interventional radiology and ICU), but the workshop is individually tailored to the level of the participants. It is built to create discussion and cooperation for mutual learning.

We will spend some time on basic techniques, substantial time on REBOA and basic embolization, and extra time on advanced and super advanced methods for hybrid bleeding control.

Some new issues as partial REBOA or “Permissive REBOA” will be practiced on live tissue with on–line monitoring, bleeding control in-vivo, and more. We will also train intermitted REBOA (iREBOA) and Total REBOA (tREBOA) as well as consider pre-hospital REBOA issues and ICU aspects.

The workshops is constructed to fit individual level and interest from basic to super advanced methods. At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have enough basic training in REBOA and other EVTM techniques to take them into trauma practice, with the limitations of country/region, etc. REBOA is now performed in several centers in the world after basic training in this workshop.

To learn more, visit http://www.jevtm.com/workshop/ or  contact Taina Palsson at taina.palsson@regionorebrolan.se 


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