Featured EAST Mentoring Pair

The EAST Mentoring Committee is proud to introduce the 2018 2nd quarter "Featured EAST Mentoring Pair", congratulations to Dr. Alicia Mohr (Mentor) and Dr. Stephanie Bonne (Mentee)! 

Drs. Mohr and Bonne were matched as a 2013-2015 EAST Mentoring Pair as a result of the second EAST Mentoring Program.  See a photo taken when Dr. Mohr and Dr. Bonne had a chance to reconnect at a recent EAST Annual Scientific Assembly and what they have to say regarding their mentorship and the EAST Mentoring Program.  

Mentor - Alicia M. Mohr, MD

Stephanie was a great mentee and we worked well together from the start! We made the time to either get together at meetings or speak on the phone. Together we developed clearly defined goals when she was junior faculty. We discussed ideas and outlined plans to achieve her career goals. At each meeting we discussed how she was progressing towards her goals and the challenges she encountered. We continued our relationship beyond our first year and when she was relocating for a job, I was able to give her good insight as to potential options in her geographic area. She has since been able to refine her goals in her new position and has continued her success. My advice to future mentors of EAST is to be available and make the time in our busy schedules to provide guidance. We need to pay it forward!

Mentee - Stephanie Bonne, MD

My EAST mentoring experience was really tremendous, at a pivotal point in my career.  I really connected well with Dr. Mohr, and found that she was able to give me perspective on the challenges I was having as a junior faculty member that was insightful and valuable.  I found it helpful to prepare for our calls by establishing specific discussion points and topics that I wanted her advice on.  She really helped me to develop my goals and develop realistic expectations for myself, and I was able to develop more focus as a result of her mentoring.  Later on, she even helped me with a life and career change, and transitioned from mentor to sponsor.  We have stayed in touch and although it’s not a formal mentoring relationship anymore, I know she’s always a phone call or an email away when I need a friendly ear or some guidance or insight.  The EAST program has really created a lifelong mentor for me and I have benefitted from tremendously!

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