Featured EAST Mentoring Pair/Family

The EAST Mentoring Committee is proud to introduce the second 2020 "Featured EAST Mentoring Family", congratulations to Dr. Bryce Robinson (Senior Mentor), Dr. Bishwajit Bhattacharya (Mid-Career Mentor), Dr. Marissa Boeck (Mentee), and Dr. Anna Goldenberg-Sandau (Mentee)! 

Drs. Robinson, Bhattacharya, Boeck, and Goldenberg-Sandau were matched as a 2019-2020 Mentoring Family in the EAST Mentoring Program.  See what they have to say regarding their mentorship and the EAST Mentoring Program. 

Left to Right: Dr. Marissa Boeck (Mentee), Dr. Bryce Robinson (Senior Mentor), Dr. Anna Goldenberg-Sandau (Mentee), and Dr. Bishwajit Bhattacharya (Mid-Career Mentor)


Despite three-hour time differences and diverse obligations, our EAST mentoring family has prioritized our calls since joining together in October 2019. Besides getting to know each other in the hopes of forming life-long colleagues and friends, we chose to focus on professional development topics. From navigating the ambiguous landscape of finding your first faculty position and negotiating your first contract to requesting raises, acquiring leadership roles, and learning how to prioritize what actually matters to you, we’re aiming to cover it all. We’ve designed our interactions to fall within a “circle of trust,” to be able to ask the questions you aren’t “supposed” to ask, as well as learn about different structures and practices across our institutions and experiences that don’t always come up in other conversations. Our calls also provide an opportunity to check-in on each other, especially as we navigate new and unfamiliar challenges during the COVID19 pandemic. We are grateful to EAST for recognizing the critical role mentorship has in our careers as surgeons, and look forward to continuing to build off of the strong foundation this program has provided!

Statements posted are those of the Mentor and Mentee and do not represent the opinions of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma.  

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