Andrew C. Bernard, MD

Andrew C. Bernard, MD

University of Kentucky College of Medicine 

2016 & 2017 EAST Mentoring Programs Mentor

Why do you find being an EAST mentor satisfying?

EAST is about relationships. These relationships allow you to learn and also allow you to teach, to share your research and find new research partners and ideas and to share your leadership skills while developing new leadership skills. Some relationships through EAST happen naturally, organically. Mentoring relationships through EAST are intentional and set the stage for relationships to form among members who actively seek them.

What advice would you give to potential Mentors regarding the optimal way(s) to advise a Mentee?

Be committed. Focus on the mentee and their goals.

Why would you recommend that young EAST members seek out a Mentor through this program?

Mentoring accelerates EAST involvement and career development. If you aren't participating, you are passing up a great opportunity.

What experiences/skills have helped you become a good Mentor?

Being mentored. Reading and learning about mentoring.

Tell us about a Mentor that had an impact on your career?

My research mentor, Juan Ochoa, celebrated with me. He celebrated my successes like they were his own.

What one piece of advice do you have for young physicians who have chosen a career in trauma?

Remember that it's about patients. Everything we do-teaching, mentoring, guideline development, leadership development, everything-relates back to patients.

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