Cynthia Talley, MD, FACS

Cynthia Talley, MD, FACS

University of Kentucky Healthcare

2016 & 2017 EAST Mentoring Programs Mentor

What is your institutional affiliation?

University of Kentucky

Why do you find being an EAST mentor satisfying?

EAST facilitates new relationships that can be lasting and valuable.

What advice would you give to potential Mentors regarding the optimal way(s) to advise a Mentee?

Tailor the discussions to the Mentee's goals and objectives. Also realize that Mentees may be bashful about asking too much of your time so offer more.

Why would you recommend that young EAST members seek out a Mentor through this program?

What do you have to lose? Meeting a new contact that can give an outside perspective should be on everyone's agenda.

What experiences/skills have helped you become a good Mentor?

Being a successful Mentee! I know what a good partnership looks like thanks to EAST.

Tell us about a Mentor that had an impact on your career?

There are so many but my official EAST mentor was and still is Kim Davis. The relationship doesn't end because the year is over!

What one piece of advice do you have for young physicians who have chosen a career in trauma?

The trauma world is one big family and we all want what's best for each other to move our profession forward. Collaborate in research, scholarship, networking, service opportunities, really anything. Collaborate!

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