Paul J. Schenarts, MD

Paul J. Schenarts, MD

University of Nebraska Medical Center

2015 & 2017 EAST Mentoring Programs Mentor

Why do you find being an EAST mentor satisfying?

As a "Has Been" it allows me to make an impact on the next generation.

What advice would you give to potential Mentors regarding the optimal way(s) to advise a Mentee?

Stay in contact and you will have more fun.

Why would you recommend that young EAST members seek out a Mentor through this program?

Absolutely yes.

What experiences/skills have helped you become a good Mentor?

I have had some really excellent mentors so I'm trying to follow their lead.

Tell us about a Mentor that had an impact on your career?

Rotondo (Dr. Michael F. Rotondo) was the best mentor of my career. He really pushed me hard and found many opportunities for me to leave.

What one piece of advice do you have for young physicians who have chosen a career in trauma?

Keep your life in balance.

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