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Dear Colleagues Greetings from South Florida to all of the members of EAST. As I was finishing up my second Presidents Message for EAST News I received a very sad e-mail about the passing of a great surgeon who had contributed so much to our wonderful orga- nization. Dr. Jack Templeton died on May 16th at his home in Bryn Mawr Pennsylva- nia. Dr. Templeton known as Jack was the president and chairman of the John Templeton Foundation and formerly a pedi- atric surgeon and director of the trauma program at Childrens Hos- pital of Philadelphia. The John Templeton Foundation was created in 1987 by his father Sir John Templeton the pioneer global investor and philanthropist who created the Templeton Fund in 1954. The Founda- tion serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries on what scientists and philosophers call the big questions of human purpose and ulti- mate reality a vision derived from Sir John Templetons optimism about the possibility of acquiring new spiritual information and from his commitment to rigorous scientific research and related scholarship. Several years ago Jack charged EAST to Understand how injury occurs and through science identify effective interventions and em- power the country through this knowledge. Both EAST and the EAST Foundation are truly appreciative of the support of Drs. Jack and Pina Templeton which has aided in the growth and development of both organizations. Through the support of the Templetons EAST and the EAST Foundation are able to award on an annual basis the John M. Templeton Jr. MD Injury Prevention Research Scholarship of the EAST Foundation and the Cox-Templeton Injury Prevention Paper Compe- tition. I would like all of you to keep this quiet giant and his family in your thoughts. His physical presence will be missed at the Annual Scientific Assembly and his countless contributions to EAST will always be remembered. Our nation has once again been subject to several mass casualty events this spring and I want to commend all of you who have re- sponded to your communitys call during these catastrophes. On this subject I want to share with you a special invitation that our organiza- tion received in early April from the National Security Council Staff of the White House. Dr. Alexander Eastman and I participated in a Round- Message from the President 2015 ISSUE TWO Stanley J. Kurek Jr. DO FACS In This Issue Strategic Goals Continued on page 2 E A S T E R N A S S O C I A T I O N F O R T H E S U R G E R Y O F T R A U M A news 1 LEADERSHIP Prepare young surgeon to become leaders 2 DEVELOPMENT Promote unique programs for the career development of young surgical leaders 3 SCHOLARSHIP Provide education and training across the con- tinuum of acute surgical care 4 FELLOWSHIP Encourage a sense of community for personal professional growth 5 COLLABORATION Work with our stakehold- ers to advance patient care and trauma systems EAST Foundation Update 2016 STN Nurse Fellow Applications Traumacasts Get Resuscitated Multicenter Trials In Memoriam Last Call to Abstracts EAST news 2015 Issue 22 EAST Mission Statement EAST is a scientific organization providing lead- ership and development for young surgeons active in the care of the injured patient through interdisciplinary collaboration scholarship and fellowship. EAST Vision Statement EAST seeks to improve care of the injured by provid- ing a forum for the exchange of knowledge in the prac- tice of trauma surgery to promote trauma prevention research and improved trauma systems design to encourage investigation and teaching of the methods of preventing and treating trauma and to stimulate future generations of sur- geons to meet the challenge. table on a national initiative titled Bystanders Our Nations Immedi- ate Responders on April 29th on the White House Campus. Along with leaders from organizations representing emergency manage- ment healthcare public health public safety key federal personnel and the National Security Council EASTs voice was heard. The goal of this initiative is to build national resilience by providing not only information but also tools the general public can use to help save lives when these horrible mass casualty events occur. Dr. Eastman and EASTs Injury Control and Violence Prevention Section are com- ing up with ideas on how EAST can help propagate this important initiative. The EAST Board of Directors BOD has been hard at work for the organization most recently during the Spring Board meeting in Chi- cago. This meeting was one of the most efficient and effective BOD meetings that I have ever attended. I am not saying that because I am your current President but because of the new BOD structure that was developed during Past President Sagraves year and im- plemented last year under Dr. Daviss tenure as President. With this new structure it is clear that we are able to have innovative strategic discussions in a streamlined fashion. Under the new structure we are seeing an empowerment of the Sections and the results are a collection of pioneering products services and initiatives that are en- gaging members and giving volunteers the opportunity to be actively involved in the organization. EAST continues to collaborate with our related organizations. In April of this year EAST sponsored several sessions during the Society of Trauma Nurses STN 2015 Annual Conference and I had the plea- sure to serve on the faculty. EAST also supported and served as a co-sponsor with the American Trauma Society ATS and STN on the ATSs Trauma Awareness Month held in May. It is an honor to serve as the President of EAST. Im very proud of this organization and how much it continues to accomplish in the spirit of the develop- ment and advancement of the young trauma surgeon. Thank you for your membership in EAST and thank you to all the EAST volunteers who advance the mission of EAST through your commitment and dedication. Sincerely Stanley J. Kurek Jr. DO FACS EAST President Message from the President continued from page 1 Section appointments are made annually by the EAST President. A Call for Volunteers is also conducted annually in the fall. Information is available on the EAST website and the call is announced via email and electronic communication. Please contact the EAST administrative offices at 312.202.5508 or by email at if you are interested in serving. Divisions and SectionsExecutive Committee Stanley J. Kurek Jr. DO FACS President Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM PresidentElect Kimberly A. Davis MD MBA FACS FCCM Past-President Bruce A. Crookes MD FACS Treasurer Elliott R. Haut MD PhD FACS Secretary Andrew C. Bernard MD Recorder Education Division Chair Directors-at-Large Joseph J. DuBose MD Director-at-Large Oscar D. Guillamondegui MD MPH Director-at-Large Samir M. Fakhry MD FACS Director-at-Large Babak Sarani MD FACS FCCM Director-at-Large Kevin M. Schuster MD Director-at-Large Deborah M. Stein MD MPH FACS FCCM Director-at-Large 2015 EAST Board of Directors Division of Education Andrew Bernard MD Chair Annual Scientific Assembly Section Andrew Bernard MD Chair Online Education Section Matthew Martin MD Chair Division of Member Services Oscar Guillamondegui MD MPH Chair Member RecruitmentRetention Section Oscar Guillamondegui MD MPH Chair Division of Patient Care and Resources Babak Sarani MD Chair Guidelines Section Bryce R.H. Robinson MD Chair Injury Control and Violence Prevention Section Alexander Eastman MD MPH Chair Technology and Information Management Section Babak Sarani MD Chair Division of Professional Development Deborah Stein MD MPH Chair Acute Care Surgery Section Martin Zielinski MD Chair Advanced Practitioners Section A. Britton Christmas MD Chair Career Development Section Cynthia Talley MD Chair Mentoring Section Mayur Patel MD MPH Chair Military Section Carlos Rodriguez DO MBA Chair Seniors Section Samir Fakhry MD Chair Division of Publications Kevin Schuster MD Chair Manuscript and Literature Review Section Kevin Schuster MD Chair Division of Research Joseph DuBose MD Chair Multicenter Trials Section Jose Pascual MD PhD and Ben Zarzaur MD MPH Chairs Research and Scholarship Section Tanya Zakrison MD MPH Chair EAST news 2015 Issue 24 Thank you to all the supporters and donors of the EAST Foundation Your gifts provide fund- ing for scholarships and awards that will make a significant impact on the care of the injured patient for generations to come Seeing the names of new member partners inspires and reminds me of the im- portant role that our generosity plays in supporting the mission of the EAST Foundation. Your gifts enable the Foundation to continuously lead the way as we advance EASTs mission of providing leadership and development for young surgeons active in the care of the in- jured patient. Both the leadership of EAST and the EAST Foundation thank you for your support and want you to know that a gift made to the Foundation can ultimately help another person live a better life. The success of the 2014-2015 EAST Foundation Appeal would not have been possible without the participation of the EAST member- ship. The funding received has helped EAST achieve its goals in improving trauma care and supporting young trauma surgeons and trauma healthcare providers. Year after year the members of EAST come together to make a difference in the trauma community. With your help we will continue to transform trauma care. If you are not a current supporter of the Foundation we encourage you to consider making a gift in 2015 Members can contribute to the EAST Foundation by making a single year or multi-year pledge all donations are used to help support the initiatives of EAST. If you have not yet donated for 2015 or are interested in making a multi-year pledge please visit the Foundation website and click on Contributing to the EAST Foundation. Are you interested in becoming more involved with the EAST Foun- dation Please contact the administrative office at eastfoundation for additional details. As the Foundation is a 501c 3 organi- zation all financial support is fully tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of your gift. 2016 STN - EAST Nurse Fellow Applications Open Application Submission Deadline August 1 2015 The EAST Foundation in collaboration with the Society of Trauma Nurses STN has established a Nurse Fellow program. Applications for the STN - EAST Foundation Nurse Fellow are now open The purpose of the program is to provide exposure of trauma nurses to the EAST Annual Scientific Assembly and gain access to key leaders in trauma care. The Nurse Fellow will be supported for travel EAST Foundation Update Robert Barraco MD MPH FACS FCCP 5 Robert D. Barraco MD MPH FACS FCCP hotel and registration fees made possible by donations to the EAST Foundation Nurse Fellow program. The successful candidates will be assigned a mentor who will assist the fellow with designing a plan for programs to attend and interviews with leaders. The Nurse Fellow will write a daily news brief that will be sent out electroni- cally and feature daily program and event highlights. The Fellow will also author an editorial that will run in the Journal of Trauma Nursing following the meeting. The editorial will summarize their experience and feature a call for future Nurse Fellows. Mentoring from the JTN Editorial Review Board will be provided. The Nurse Fellow will be introduced during the EAST 29th Annual Scientific Assembly at both the STN Networking Reception and the EAST Business Meeting. Interested candidates may apply via the STN website. The call for nominations will close on August 1 2015 and selected candidates will be notified and announced in September 2015. Information about the Nurse Fellow program can be found on the EAST Founda- tions website. The 29th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly is scheduled for January 12-16 2016 at the JW Marriott San Antonio in San Antonio Texas. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you in our continued fundraising efforts. Your contributions aid in supporting and promoting the key missions of EAST includ- ing the care investigation and prevention of injury trauma education and encouraging the development of the young trauma practitioner and investigator. If you have any questions or comments regarding our efforts please contact the EAST Foundation at eastfoundationeast. org. I look forward to building upon our con- tinued success and we wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer Sincerely Robert Barraco MD MHP FACS FCCP President EAST Foundation Dates to Remember Visit the News and Events section of the EAST website for the most up-to-date news and listing of upcoming events. July 1 2015 EAST Call for Abstracts Submission Deadline July 58 2015 3rd Annual Congress of the World Society of Emergency SurgeryLocation Inbal Hotel July 17 2015 TraumaCritical Care SymposiumLocation The Fess Parker Doubletree by Hilton Resort July 30August 2 2015 American College of Surgeons ACS Com- prehensive General Surgery Review Course Location The American College of Surgeons August 57 2015 TEACH and GRADE Location New York Academy of Medicine September 912 2015 74th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery Location Wynn EAST news 2015 Issue 26 With the structural reorgani- zation of EAST completed we are happy to announce the new and improved EAST Traumacast program. Two new moderators Dr. Dave Morris and myself will join Dr. Levi Procter on a continuously rotating basis to bring you new exciting and informative podcasts on a wide variety of topics of interest to the trauma and acute care surgery community. In addition many of the upcoming programs will feature special guest moderators enhanced visual materials that can be viewed during the podcast and links to supplementary materials and information for the listener. New podcasts will be posted at least every month and will also in- clude three podcasts dedicated to interviews and commentary from the scientific programs of the annual meetings of EAST the Ameri- can Association for the Surgery of Trauma and the Western Trauma Association. EAST Traumacast Gets Resuscitated Matthew Martin MD 1. An Insiders Guide to the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Interview with Dr. Gene Moore 2. The National Trauma Institute and the Coali- tion for National Trauma Research Interview with Dr. Don Jenkins 3. The Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative Interview with Dr. Rich Falcone and Dr. Denis Bensard 4. Acute Care Surgery Emergencies in the Bariatric Surgery Patient Interview with Dr. Matt Martin Do you know how to find your H-index score or even what an H-index is Are you interested in academic publishing Being a peer-reviewer or joining the Editorial Board Do you know about the National Trauma Institute and the new Coalition for National Trauma Research Ever heard of the Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative Have you wondered about the best way to manage the bariatric surgical patient with an acute care surgery emergency Find the answers to these questions and much more through the EAST Traumacast programs available on the EAST website or iTunes Recently posted podcasts include And if you have any suggestions for future topics interview subjects or just general feedback on the Traumacast program please submit them by clicking here or on the EAST Traumacast webpage. Be sure to also listen to the EAST Careercasts the series of au- dio interviews with leaders in the field designed to provide you with practical information regarding career development leadership and career challenges. New ones added periodically. 7 Multicenter Trials Update Ben Zarzaur MD MPH and Jose Pascual MD PhD Co-Chairs In Memoriam Sadly we have lost an extraordi- nary person in our EAST com- munity. Dr. Templeton passed away on Saturday May 16. He was a remarkable man and he and his wife have been tre- mendous supporters of EAST and the EAST Foundation. He will be greatly missed. Through the support of the Templetons EAST and the EAST Foundation are able to award on an annual basis the John M. Templeton Jr. MD Injury Prevention Research Scholarship of the EAST Foundation and the Cox- Templeton Injury Prevention Paper Competition. Dr. Templeton led an inspiring career. He was board certified in pediatric surgery and surgical critical care. He served on numerous boards published papers and two books in addi- tion to receiving many accolades and awards. He retired from his medical practice in 1995 to manage the foundation his father started. You can donate to the American Trauma Society. At EAST you can support both the John M. Templeton Jr. MD Injury Pre- vention Research Scholarship of the EAST Foundation and the Cox-Templeton Injury Preven- tion Paper Competition. Last Call for Abstracts THERE ARE A FEW DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT The submission deadline is July 1 2015 for abstracts for the 29th EAST Annual Scien- tific Assembly. Notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author via email in August 2015. You still have a little window to get in your abstract. Click Here to review the Rules and Eligibility requirements and submit using the online system. The Multicenter Trials MCT Section of the EAST Research Divi- sion has been assisting the 12 current EAST-sponsored multicenter trials that were presented at the 2015 Annual Scientific Assembly in Florida. Most are past the multicenter IRB approvals and are starting to gather subjects from the different centers. The MCT Section stays in contact with the study PIs regularly to assist with any advertising or mentorship needed for individual studies. The upcoming 2016 Annual Scientific Assembly will hold a Plenary Session to present updates of selected studies and any new studies that have been submitted the year prior. If you have an idea for a multicenter trial that you would want EAST to sponsor submit your study documents to the MCT Co-Chairs or Rachel Dixon by November 1 2015. Those invited to present at the 2016 Plenary Session will be notified by December 1. Interested in participating Dr. Kevin Schuster of Yale School of Medicine is conducting the EAST approved study Outcomes of emergency survey and trauma cases done at night. Additional details regarding the study can be found here to complete a Center Sign-Up form to participate in the study please click here. EAST news 2015 Issue 288 Campaign Appeal Member Donors We gratefully acknowledge our member partners for their generous support of the EAST Foundations various campaigns and appeals held over the years. Member Partners As of May 11 2015 Mary Aaland Suresh Agarwal Jr. Louis Alarcon Steven Allen Sandra Arabian Scott Armen Linda Atteberry Jehangir Badar Michael Bard Stephen Barnes Erik Barquist Robert Barraco Sharon Bending Ronnie Sean Benoit Andrew Trisha Bernard Annette Bertelson Ernest Block Mary Boggs Dan Bonville William Bowling Eric Bradburn Mary-Margaret Brandt Steven Briggs Rebeccah Brown Joshua Brown Sherry Budziak Steve Burger Rachael Callcut Jeannette Capella Thomas Cartolano Lourdes Castanon Howard Champion Julius Cheng William Chiu Britt Christmas Mark Cipolle Keith Clancy Jeffrey Claridge Lois Collins John Como Ben Robin Coopwood Edward Cornwell III Bryan Cotton Jeff Coughenour Bruce Crookes Daniel Cullinane Paul Cunningham Paul Dabrowski Brian Daley Omar Danner Kimberly Davis Tracey Dechert James DeCou Christopher Dente Rafael Diaz-Flores Rachel Dixon Andrew Dorben Heather Dolman Warren Dorlac Dorothy K. Commanday Foundation Therese Duane Joseph DuBose Juan Duchesne Thomas Duncan Alexander Eastman Akpofure Peter Ekeh Amanda Elikofer Christine Eme Timothy Emhoff Blaine Enderson Thomas Esposito Timothy Fabian Samir Cynthia Fakhry Richard Falcone Mary Fallat Richard Fantus John Fath Forrest Fernandez Paula Ferrada John Ferrara Peter Fischer Mary Kate FitzPatrick Stephen Flaherty Henri Ford Shannon Foster Adam Fox Nicole Fox Joyce Frame Geoffrey Funk Rajesh Gandhi Sharon Gautschy Juliet Geiger Mark Gestring Amy Joy Goldberg Richard Gonzalez Vicente Gracias John Green Wendy Greene Kirby Gross Ronald Gross Oscar Guillamondegui Oliver Gunter Weidun Alan Guo Adil Haider Mark Hamill William Hardin Jr. Burton Harris Elliott Haut Thomas Hayward III Michael Heid Kimberly Hendershot Sharon Henry William Hoff Lynn Hydo Joseph Ibrahim Matthew Indeck Joseph Iocono Lenworth Jacobs Randeep Jawa Danny Jazarevic Dana Jehan Donald Jenkins Christian Jones Bellal Joseph DAndrea Joseph John Josephs Kimberly Joseph Matthew Kaminsky Gary Kaml Sanjeev Kaul Andrew Kerwin Michelle Kincaid Kosar Khwaja Jennifer Knight Stanley Kurek Amber Kyle Jason Lees Brian Leininger Kelly Leiseca William Leukhardt Gary Lindenbaum Matthew Lissauer Luis Llerena Karen Lommel Erica Loomis Larry Lottenberg Fred Luchette Stephen Luk Robert Madlinger George Maish III Gary Marshall William Marshall Matt Martin Sarah Mattocks Kimball Maull Adrien Maung Addison May Julie Mayglothling Amy McDonald Nathaniel McQuay Norman McSwain Jonathan Messing EAST news 2015 Issue 2 9 Sidney Miller Joseph Minei Bridget Mitchell Alicia Mohr Forrest ODell Moore David Morris Kimberly Nagy Michael Nance Donna Nayduch Mark Newell Arthur Ney Dan Nielson Terence OKeeffe Patricia ONeill Peter Pappas Jose Pascual Michael Pasquale Mayur Patel Nimitt Patel Timothy Patrick Douglas Paulk Joseph Pfeifer Herbert Phelan III Davis Plurad Travis Polk Polk Family Charitable Fund Timothy Pritts Levi Procter A. Tyler Putnam Jin Ra Carol Reese Patrick Reilly Peter Rhee Michael Rhodes Bryce Robinson Carlos Rodriguez Thomas Rohs Carl Rosati Michael Lydia Rotondo Susan Rowell Grace Rozycki David Feliciano Scott Sagraves Sheryl Sahr Lois Sakorafas Joseph Sakran Jeffrey Salomone Ayodele Sangosanya Babak Sarani Thomas Scalea Paul Schenarts Henry Schiller Martin Schreiber Douglas Schuerer Carl Schulman Kevin Schuster C. William Schwab Mark Seamon Elizabeth Seislove Shahid Shafi Mark Shapiro Tchaka Shepherd Adam Shiroff Ronald Sing Jason Smith Lou Smith Sam Smith Society of Trauma Nurses STN Lewis Somberg Nicole Stassen Dirk Stengel Erik Streib Jessica Summers Kirby Sweitzer Cynthia Talley Jack Pina Templeton Ronald Tesoriero Peter Thomas Errington Thompson Gregory Catherine Timberlake Glen Tinkoff Bartholomew Tortella James Tyburski Carl Valenziano Steven Vaslef W.Matthew Vassy Catherine Velopulos Todd Waltrip Cheryl Webber Alison Wilson Robert Winfield Randy Woods Edward Yelon Jay Yelon James Yuschak Ben Zarzaur Martin Zielinski Historic Campaign Member Commitment Drs. Jack and Pina Templeton - 210000 to support the John M. Templeton Jr. MD Injury Prevention Research Scholarship and the Cox-Templeton Injury Prevention Paper Competition Pioneer Donor The Dorothy K. Commanday Founda- tion and Edward Yelon Denotes Leadership Level - Members who have contributed 5000 or more over a multi-year period. Denotes Elite Level - Members who have contributed 10000 or more over a multi-year period. Silver Level 25000 Bronze Level 10000 Gold Level 50000Corporate Partners Thank you to our Corporate Partners for 2014-2015 EAST news 2015 Issue 210 EAST Administrative Offices 633 N. Saint Clair Street Ste. 2600 Chicago IL 60611 Ph 312.202.5508 Fax 312.202.5064 Email Website EAST news 2015 Issue 210 VISIT EASTs ONLINE STORE EASTs online store is where you can purchase a variety of items all with the EAST logo. Click Here to start shopping Visit the EAST website and update your member profile today