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Dear Colleagues Thirty years ago our founding members did just this when they established the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma EAST. Per the Brief History of the Founding of EAST by Drs. Cham- pion Maull Jacobs and Harris they saw a less-than-supportive environment in many teaching hospitals for fostering the development of a career in trauma and a very sparse number of surgical institu- tions and organizations that would provide an environment of con- nectivity and mentorship for young surgeons. ACSCOT AAST and WTA were the purview of established or specialty-specific surgeons and the bar for young trauma surgeon involvement was exceeding- ly high. Rather than just ask why and lament on the situation the founding members envisioned an alternative and asked why not leading to the development of EAST. EAST was conceived as a forum to develop and meet the needs and expectations of young surgeons who had aspirations for a career in traumasurgical critical care. After many discussions and negotiations placing all of their careers po- tentially in jeopardy the founding board developed and approved the Articles of Incorporation and EAST was formally established. The first EAST Annual Assembly was held in 1988 at The Colony Beach Resort in Longboat Key Florida. Attendees included 99 members and 43 guests. Our most recent annual assembly in San Antonio had more than 870 registrants and our membership has passed the 2000 mark. EAST has grown tremendously over the last near 30 years based on the dedication of the original 10 founding board members and all of the individuals who have been committed to EAST since then. Time and time again EAST members have paid it forward to EAST by tak- ing part in the organization and leading it to places that continue to astound our founding members. Message from the President 2016 ISSUE ONE Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM In This Issue There are those who looks at things the way they are and ask whyI dream of things that never were and ask why not Robert F. Kennedy Strategic Goals Continued on page 2 E A S T E R N A S S O C I A T I O N F O R T H E S U R G E R Y O F T R A U M A news 1 LEADERSHIP Prepare young surgeon to become leaders 2 DEVELOPMENT Promote unique programs for the career development of young surgical leaders 3 SCHOLARSHIP Provide education and training across the con- tinuum of acute surgical care 4 FELLOWSHIP Encourage a sense of community for personal professional growth 5 COLLABORATION Work with our stakehold- ers to advance patient care and trauma systems Community Outreach 2016 New Members Meeting Montage Social Media Management Section CTNR Advocacy Day In Memoriam Award Recipients EAST news 2016 Issue 12 EAST Mission Statement EAST is a scientific organization providing lead- ership and development for young surgeons active in the care of the injured patient through interdisciplinary collaboration scholarship and fellowship. EAST Vision Statement EAST seeks to improve care of the injured by provid- ing a forum for the exchange of knowledge in the prac- tice of trauma surgery to promote trauma prevention research and improved trauma systems design to encourage investigation and teaching of the methods of preventing and treating trauma and to stimulate future generations of sur- geons to meet the challenge. 2015 was a year that saw significant change for EAST. We lost sev- eral of our most strident supporters who will be sorely missed. The re-organized board structure we implemented a year ago has con- tinued to evolve and has allowed the organization to function more efficiently and to continue to focus on EASTs main mission paying it forward to the young trauma surgeon our patients and our com- munity through our five Strategic Goals Leadership Development Scholarship Fellowship and Collaboration. The section assignments for 2016 are completed based on the Call for Volunteers request that went out in the fall. Eleanor Roosevelt said The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams EASTs future is so very bright with the energy and untapped creativity of our mem- bership. All EAST members are encouraged to complete the call for volunteers when it comes out again this fall. Member involvement and engagement is one of the things that makes EAST special. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy ask not what just what EAST can do for you ask what you can do for EAST. In closing I am truly honored to serve as the 30th President of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma EAST. My main mission as President is to continue to carry out the vision of EASTs Founding Members. The leadership of EAST is now filled with people who have grown up in and with the organization. I am confident that we will continue to grow and evolve as an organization without sacrificing the essence of EAST. To accomplish this my call to arms for the membership this year is to Pay it Forward to our organiza- tion our specialty our families our patients our partners ourselves and our communities. 2016 is going to be a great year for advancing science fostering relationships and building careers. Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM EAST President Message from the President continued from page 1 Few will have the greatness to bend history itself but each of us can work to change a small portion of events and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. Robert F. Kennedy Section appointments are made annually by the EAST President. A Call for Volunteers is also conducted annually in the fall. Information is available on the EAST website and the call is announced via email and electronic communication. Please contact the EAST administrative offices at 312.202.5508 or by email at if you are interested in serving. Divisions and SectionsExecutive Committee Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM President Bruce A. Crookes MD FACS PresidentElect Stanley J. Kurek Jr. DO FACS Past-President A. Britton Christmas MD FACS Treasurer Elliott R. Haut MD PhD FACS Secretary Andrew C. Bernard MD FACS Recorder Education Division Chair Directors-at-Large William C. Chiu MD FACS FCCM Director-at-Large Jeffrey A. Claridge MD MS FACS Director-at-Large Babak Sarani MD FACS FCCM Director-at-Large Kevin M. Schuster MD MPH FACS Director-at-Large Jason Smith MD PhD FACS Director-at-Large Deborah M. Stein MD MPH FACS Director-at-Large 2016 EAST Board of Directors Division of Education Andrew Bernard MD Chair Annual Scientific Assembly Section Andrew Bernard MD FACS Chair Online Education Section Matthew Martin MD FACS Chair Division of Member Services Jeffrey A. Claridge MD MS FACS Chair Member RecruitmentRetention Section Jeffrey A. Claridge MD MS FACS Chair Social Media Management Section Jennifer C. Knight MD FACS Chair Division of Patient Care and Resources Babak Sarani MD FACS FCCM Chair Guidelines Section Bryce R.H. Robinson MD FACS FCCM Chair Injury Control and Violence Prevention Section Alexander Eastman MD MPH Chair Division of Professional Development Deborah Stein MD MPH FACS Chair Career Development Section Cynthia Talley MD FACS Chair Mentoring Section Mayur B. Patel MD MPH FACS Chair Military Section Daniel J. Bonville DO FACS and Daniel J. Grabo MD FACS Chairs Seniors Section William C. Chiu MD FACS FCCM Division of Publications Kevin M. Schuster MD MPH FACS Chair Manuscript and Literature Review Section Kevin M. Schuster MD MPH FACS Chair Division of Research Jason Smith MD PhD FACS Chair Multicenter Trials Section Jose Pascual MD PhD FACS Research and Scholarship Section Robert D. Winfield MD FACS Chair EAST news 2016 Issue 14 5th Annual EAST Community Outreach Program Shannon M. Foster MD FACS Outreach Program Co-Chair EAST Injury Control and Violence Prevention Section Your Life. Your Choice. Arrive Alive San Antonio. During the 29th Annual Scien- tific Assembly of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma EAST the Injury Control and Violence Prevention Section ICVP held its 5th Annual EAST Community Outreach Program. A multi-faceted program based on the core prevention efforts of distracted driving violence and substance abuse was brought to the 1900 students of Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio. The unique and laudable goal to interact with and positively impact our local host community during this now annual event held the day prior to the EAST Annual Scientific Assembly was again realized. In combination with the established prevention network and robust resources of Bexar County and Universi- ty Health System San Antonio UHS and further collabora- tion with the Society of Trauma Nurses STN and the American Trauma Society ATS more than 100 volunteer members brought heightened awareness of current teen safety issues to the forefront. An entire day of programming was presented to junior and senior students with additional modified programs to reach the needs of underclass- men all including didactic and hands-on sessions direct inter- actions with trauma survivors and local emergency providers and multiple accident simulat- ing and life-saving machinery demonstrations. Importantly this event has become an unparal- leled hands-on opportunity in camaraderie and direct ex- change of resources materials and ideas for trauma prevention leaders and beginners nation- wide. Our words of prevention were spread community-wide via the six different broadcast news stations who visited the school and aired segments about the program impossible to miss were the overhead highway signs which flashed our tag lines in the days following - instant prevention messaging to a huge audience The education the students received will be studied for retention and behavior modi- fication with surveys and further compiled with last years data from Windermere Prep in Orlando Fla. We hope to learn what is needed to create provocative events that have lasting significance on the choices of vulnerable populations. While the 2016 Program itself is complete we still have several goals to accomplish the next is to make all presentations program materials how-to guidelines and national resources available to the membership. This will augment the current ICVP on-line links to create a more robust exchange for the benefit of local prevention efforts nationwide. A formal video presentation is now available via link access through the EAST website with highlights of the 2016 Program to join those of the last several years. For those interested early team recruitment and planning efforts for the 6th Annual EAST Community Outreach Program to be held in Hollywood Florida are already underwayits never too early to volunteer Shop for EAST Do you use Amazon for your online purchasing Well now you can shop with an added bonus a donation to EAST. Amazon Smile is a simple and auto- matic way you can support EAST every time you shop. Simply go to com from your web browser or phone select EAST and shop. Millions of products are eligible for donations. If you already have an Am- azon account dont worry just select EAST from there. A portion of your purchase goes directly to EAST. Shop away Stay Connected EAST now has more than 1200 likes are YOU one of them LIKE us on Facebook and see some of the associations breaking news reminders important deadlines and links to articles and issues facing your colleagues. You can follow us on Twitter EAST_TRAUMA. Our social media presence continues to expandmake sure you dont miss out. Dates to Remember Visit the News and Events section of the EAST website for the most up-to-date news and listing of upcoming events. Apr 2022 2016 Guidelines - 4th Guideline Development Workshop using the GRADE Approach May 9 2016 Pediatric Trauma Society 3rd Annual Meeting- Call for Abstracts - Submission Deadline Jun 58 2016 35th Annual PointCounterpoint Acute Care Surgery Conference Location Baltimore June 17 2016 Annual Creighton University Medical Center Trauma Symposium Location Hilton Omaha Hotel Oct 45 2016 Trauma Center Association of America 19th Annual Meeting Location Hard Rock Hotel Nov 1112 2016 3rd Annual Pediatric Trauma Society Annual Meeting Location Hilton Nashville Downtown Kareem R. AbdelFattah MD Dallas TX Beau Aldridge MD Indianapolis IN Andrew L. Archer MD FACOS Dayton OH Nkiruka V. Arinze MD Bos- ton MA Katie A. Arnold RN BSN MBA Washington DC Michael Arnold MD Charlotte NC Travis Arnold-Lloyd MD MPH MS Atlanta GA Noor Azimi MD Castro Valley CA Joseph C. Baer II MD FACS Anderson IN Noran M. Barry MD Chapel Hill NC Frank L. Bauer MD Denver CO Gustavo Bauza MD Boston MA Jessica H. Beard MD MPH Philadelphia PA Jonathan BeCraft ACNP-BC Midlothian VA Alejandro Betancourt- Ramirez MD Yorktown Heights NY Marissa A. Boeck MD MPH Chicago IL Gary Bonfante DO FACOEP Northampton PA Lisa K. Burton MD Pine Bluffs WY Rachel J. Caifa MD Fresno CA Cristina Carpio MD Milford CT Damien W. Carter MD Portland ME Amanda M. Celii MD Atlanta GA Mark I. Cockburn MD MPH FACS Miami FL Mary Patricia Colvin MD Atlanta GA Kristen J. Conrad-Schnetz DO Cleveland Heights OH Shelby S. Cooper MD Cooperstown NY Chasen A. Croft MD Gainesville FL Gary J. Curcio MD FACS Bedford NH Elizabeth D. Dauer MD FACS Philadelphia PA Brian Dees MD West Fargo ND Connie DeLaO MD Winterville NC Keshav K. Deshpande DO West Chester OH Cecile J. DHuyvetter RN MSN Cave Creek AZ Jose A. Diaz MD FACS Fort Myers FL Rafael F. Diaz Flores MD MPH Santa Fe NM Jody DiGiacomo MD Freehold NJ Mack D. Drake DO Lexington KY Marquinn D. Duke Ponchatoula LA Aileen A. Edadat MD Nashville TN Matthew J. Eckert MD FACS Tacoma WA Tanya Egodage MD Chicago IL Alexander Evans MD MBA FACS Longwood FL Paul M. Evans MD PhD Atlanta GA Renata Fabia MD PhD FACS Columbus OH Amy Fenwick MD Bangor ME Molly Flannagan MD Richmond VA Brian L. Frank MD Media PA Monica R. French FSN ACNPC-AG Alexandria VA Alexis M. Gage MD MPH Savannah GA Nicole M. Garcia MD Louisville KY Nilda M. Garcia MD FACS Austin TX Zachary Ginsberg MD Cincinnati OH Kathryn O. Giroux MD Pittsburgh NY Jesse Goddard MD Lexington KY Mario F. Gomez MS DO Miramar FL Sanjiv F. Gray MD New York NY Jeremy Grushka MD MSc FRCSC FRCPC Montreal QC Sameer Gupta MD Chicago IL Sanjay Gupta MD FACS MCh Hollis NH Jennifer Gurney MD Atherton CA Kelly F. Hansen MSN MBA RN CNOR Hartford CT Charles T. Harris MD Roanoke VA Kristy Hawley MPH Washington DC Gina O. Hazel MSN FNP- BC Savannah GA David G. Heidt MD FACS Toledo OH Kenneth S. Helmer MD FACS Montgomery TX Melissa Hockaday NP Pittsboro IN Andrew Hopper MD Nashville TN Parker J. Hu MD Vestavia Hills AL Christopher F. Janowak MD Indianapolis IN Peter Jenkins MD Indianapolis IN Aaron R. Jensen MD MEd Los Angeles CA Rashi Jhunjhunwala Atlanta GA Erik E. Johnson MD FACS Green Bay WI Charles G. Jones MS FACS Boulder CO Rudy J. Judhan MD Miami FL Makrouhi A. Kademian MD FACS Thousand Oaks CA Susan Kartiko MD PhD Quincy MA Christopher A. Kasal MD Red Wing MN John M. Ketner DO FACOS Lake Orion MI Abid D. Khan MD Chicago IL Cathleen M. Khandewal MD FACS Cleveland OH Elizabeth C. Kim MD FACS Plano TX Samuel Kingsley MD PhD MBA Chicago IL Jolene E. Kittle MS RN ACCNS-AG CCRN CFRN CEN TCRN Syracuse NY Anirudh Kohli MD Philadelphia PA Jonathan Krotz NP Brockport NY Neil G. Kumar MD Rochester NY Douglas Kwazneski II MD Gainesville FL Andrew J. Ladd MPAS PA-C Sachse TX Brenton LaRiccia PA-C MS MBA Farmington NY William H. Leukhardt MD Murrysville PA Larry S. Lewis MD FACS Marquette MI Heather Logghe Chapel Hill NC Enrique P. Lopez MD Longmeadow MA Joseph M. Lopez Jr. MD Philadelphia PA Claudia Patricia Lozano MD Philadelphia PA Active Associate Provisional Senior Medical Student Honorary International Welcome 2016 New Members 6 EAST news 2016 Issue 1 7 Meno Lueders MD FACS Orangeburg NY D. Joshua Mancini MD Lebanon NH Jacques P. Mather MD MPH Baltimore MD Sarah Mathew MD Philadelphia PA Jillian McCagg MD Prichard WV Willie C. McClarien Jr. MD FACS Des Moines IA Ann B. McCracken MD FACS Harlingen TX Brendan McCracken MD Philadelphia PA Patrick Mcgraw MD Ft. Walton Beach FL Emmett L. McGuire MD FACS Englewood CO Ryan K. McMahon MHS PA-C Portland OR Jonathan P. Meizoso MD Miami FL Ashley R. Menne MD Baltimore MD Caleb James Mentzer DO Augusta GA David Milzman MD Washington DC Shannon Moeggenborg MSN NP-C Traverse City MI Margaret M. Moore MD New Orleans LA Richard A. Moore PhD MD Chattanooga TN Orlando Morejon MD Miami FL Patricia A. Morrell BSN RN- BC North Branford CT Michael G. Mount DO Canfield OH Daniel Munn MD MS Newport News VA Alan D. Murdock MD FACS Pittsburgh PA Chaitan Kamalakar Narsule MD Boston MA Lawrence Nelson DO Omaha NE Jonathan Nguyen DO Philadelphia PA Dylan Nieman MD PhD Rochester NY Matthew R. Noorbakhsh MD Baltimore MD Vincent U. Ohaju DO FA- COS FACS Bryan TX Kristin Oliveira MD Branford CT Julie M. Ottosen MD Minneapolis MN Tiffany L. Overton MPH Fort Worth TX Thomas D. Oweis MD FACS Royal Oak MI Amelia M. Pasley DO Baltimore MD Seema Patel MD MPH Ocoee FL Maura Pearlstein Philadelphia PA Dustin J. Petersen MD MPH Morgantown WV Hoang Q. Pham MD FACS Webster TX Kartik Prabhakaran MD Valhalla NY Bradley Putty MD St. Louis MO Yanjie Qi MD Rochester NY Jacon A. Quick MD Columbia MO Siddhartha Rath MD MBA FACS Arlington TX Mary Claire Rawlings RN Armada MI Tiffany Reavis DO Bronx NY Michael Rebock DO Farmington Hills MI Jason Y. Rhee MD MPHS St. Louis MO Maria F. Roberto DO Farmingdale NY Ashley Rosenberg Little Rock AR Samuel Wade Ross MD MPH Indian Trail NC Alan P. Rossi MD Richmond VA Gabriel Ruiz MD Miami FL Rudolph B. Rustin MD FACS FASCRS Charlottesville VA Daniel N. Rutigliano DO Stony Brook NY Reuben C. Rutland MD Granger IN Gul R. Sachwani- Daswani DO Birmingham MI Shawn D. Safford MD MAS Roanoke VA Joshua W. Sappenfield MD Newberry FL Stephanie Savage MD MS Indianapolis IN Sebastian D. Schubl MD Brooklyn NY Casey Scully PA-C Charlotte NC Deanna L. Sellers MS APRN ACNP Minneapolis MN Gregory R. Semon DO Dayton OH Kein W. Sexton MD Little Rock AR Aisha W. Shaheen MD MHA Philadelphia PA David Shapiro MD Hartford CT Jeb Sheidler MPAS PA-C ATC NR-P Lima OH Pieter Smit MD Brooklyn NY Randi N. Smith MD MPH Philadelphia PA Jason A. Snyder MD Memphis TN Patricia E. Souchon MD Las Vegas NV Elizabeth A. Steensma MD Ada MI Jason K. Stiles RN BSN CEN Owensboro KY Sarah L. Storrs MD Robbinsdale MN Jason Straus MD Columbus OH Stephanie Streit MD Cincinnati OH Dennis A. Taylor DNP ACNP-BC FCCM Charlotte NC Josephine J. Templeton MD Bryn Mawr PA Bradley W. Thomas MD FACS Charlotte NC Brittany L. Thompson PA-C Ocala FL Dawn D. Tiemann MD New Orleans LA Bogdana Trop MD PhD Ft. Pierce FL David Turay MD PhD FACS Loma Linda CA Carrie L. Valdez MD Arlington VA Heath A. Walden MD Brookline MA Jason M. Weinberger DO Wilmington DE Brian D. Weiss MD Philadelphia PA Thomas M. Wertin MD El Paso TX Gary White MD Plano TX Chris Winter MD Parker CO Steven W. Woods RN BSN MBA Des Peres MO Brian Yorkgitis DO Dedham MA Duraid Younan MD Birmingham AL Active Associate Provisional Senior Medical Student Honorary International EAST news 2016 Issue 18 Meeting Recap 29th Annual Scientific Assembly San Antonio served as a great backdrop for this years conference. The week highlighted the hard work of EAST members and brought together so many for sessions workshops networking awards and special events. Social media played a larger role than before and really launched the meeting further into cyber space. Attendees were once again able to plan their schedule with the EAST mobile app and stay connected with updates through Facebook and Twitter. Visit our Program page or the Annual Scientific Assem- bly Archive page to view abstracts the Program Book and the overall meeting schedule. Watch the highlights video. 9 EAST has amazing offerings showcased on our website Facebook and Twitter pages. Currently EASTs Facebook page has more than 1200 likes and a Twitter following of more than 2200 EAST_Trauma. These numbers have been slowly increasing but could be much higher. In order to maximize EASTs social media presence and increase brand recognition EAST convened a Social Media Ad Hoc Task Force in the fall of 2015. The group recommend- ed creating a new standing section to codify and implement EASTs social media philosophy with specific content covering three main areas 1 Mission Statement and Policy development 2 Annual Sci- entific Assembly Social Media Plan and 3 Year-Round Social Media Plan. The EAST Board approved a new standing Social Media Man- agement Section to be chaired by Dr. Jennifer Knight. The Social Media Management Section will be tasked with creating a vision statement of how the group will support the overall EAST mission. They should add value to EAST by identifying strategic goals for the professional use of social media platforms to optimize the potential impact of EAST by expanding its online following through active recruitment and engagement to ensure content shared by EAST on social media is meaningful thought-provoking and targeted at appropriate and diverse audiences to leverage existing platforms to enhance dissemination of scientific discovery and injury prevention and to facilitate and increase ongoing collab- oration fellowship and interactive dialogue among EAST leaders members future generations of surgeons the public and other interested audiences. At the recent Annual Scientific Assembly there was a concerted effort to increase the web presence and buzz around the meeting on Twitter. Joe Sakran JosephSakran gave a short intro to Twitter at the opening session. A group of dedicated Twitter champions the Twitterati drove interest in the meeting for both those in attendance and those around the globe. We wore I tweet but- tons put Twitter handles AKA user names on badges and made attendees feel comfortable about Live Tweeting. We encouraged questions and comments on Twitter and Online Education Sec- tion Chair Matt Martin docmartin22 even tweeted his invited paper discussion live from the podium. The main meeting hashtag EAST2016 had more than seven million impressions from over 4000 tweets. In fact more than 1000 individuals posted a tweet using the EAST2016 hashtag more than attended the meeting in person. The Year-Round Social Media Plan will promote EAST activities and help show the online world how the organization focuses on our Five Core Strategic Goals Leadership Development Scholarship Fellowship Collaboration and our three taglines Advancing Science Fostering Relationships and Building Careers. The new Social Media Management Sec- tion will collaborate with other sections to identify content and provide posts for Facebook and Twitter to emphasize current EAST offerings. EAST has been hosting a monthly online Twitter journal club since July 2015 EASTjournalclub thanks to Christian Jones jonessur- gery. This 2-day event routinely gets 50-75 participants has 300-400 tweets and more than 300000 impressions. In the future we anticipate other sections will provide similar offerings to engage meaningful dialogue around EAST pro- grams clinical topics education guidelines injury prevention career development andor mentoring. Newly Created EAST Social Media Management Section Elliott R. Haut MD PhD FACS EAST Secretary elliotthaut EAST_Trauma EAST2016 EAST news 2016 Issue 110 Key stats from last months Advocacy Day in D.C. 27 surgeons and 5 staff people participated 152 visits completed including 37 Senate offices and 115 House offices 1 Trauma Briefing organized by COL Bob Mabry RWJ Fellow House Committee on Education The Workforce HELP Sub- committee 24 state delegations visited It was a productive day and CNTRs message was well-received. EAST along with four other trauma associations American Association for the Surgery of Trauma AAST National Trauma Institute NTI ACS Committee on Trauma and Western Trau- ma Association WTA comprise CNTR. The main goals for the or- ganization are to receive consis- tent federal funding for research establish research priorities and support a trauma research infrastructure. Center for National Trauma Research CNTR Advocacy Day February 23 2016 Dr. James H. Red Duke Jr. an EAST Honorary member died this past August. He was a professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston UTHealth and a renowned physician. Duke spent much of his medical career developing an infrastructure to provide better care for injured patients while also focusing on programs to prevent injuries. He received numerous accolades throughout his career and most recently was dedicated to his ongoing work enhancing medical tech- nologies and surgical techniques supporting the US Military. In Memoriam Dr. James H. Red Duke Jr. 11 2016 Award Recipients Congratulations Raymond H. Alexander MD Resident Paper Competition 2016 Basic Science Paper Recipient Kyle K. Sokol MD Theres an App for That A Handheld Smartphone-based Infrared Imaging Device to Assess Adequacy and Level of Aortic Occlusion 2016 Clinical Science Paper Recipient Simon M. Glasgow MBBS Push Over Pull Managing the Surge in Demand for Blood Following Mass Casualty Events Cox-Templeton Injury Pre- vention Paper Competition A. Britton Christmas MD FACS A Targeted High School Seat Belt Awareness Program Increases Seat Belt Usage for Adolescent Drivers John P. Pryor MD Distin- guished Service Award COL Brian J. Eastridge MD FACS Oriens Award 2016 Fellow Winner Dylan R. Nieman MD PhD 2016 Resident Winner Samuel Wade Ross MD MPH 2016 Trauma Research Scholarship Cherisse Berry MD Prospective evaluation of ce- rebral autoregulation and ce- rebral vasospasm in patients with traumatic brain injury using near-infrared spectros- copy NIRS 2016 John M. Templeton Jr. MD Injury Prevention Research Scholarship Kathleen Boyer RN Chaz Molins LCSW Measuring the Efficacy of Violence Prevention using Hospital-based Resus- citation Re-enactment YOLO You Only Live Once 2016 Best Manuscript Alan Murdock MD Universal Whole Blood for Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock A Pilot Study to Determine Safety Brandeis Health Policy and Management Scholarship 2015 - Michelle Richardson Brownstein MD 2016 Society of Trauma Nurses EAST Foundation Nurse Fellow Heather Panichelli RN MSN AGCNS-BC CEN CPEN EAST news 2016 Issue 112 EAST Administrative Offices 633 N. Saint Clair Street Ste. 2600 Chicago IL 60611 Ph 312.202.5508 Fax 312.202.5064 Email Website EAST news 2016 Issue 112 VISIT EASTs ONLINE STORE EASTs online store is where you can purchase a variety of items all with the EAST logo. Click Here to start shopping Visit the EAST website and update your member profile today