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Dear Colleagues Winter has come and gone spring is underway and summer is around the cor- ner. With the rise of spring come spring flowers leaves on trees and recharging our batteries. So why think about EAST now EAST is truly a year-round orga- nization with the Board of Directors and Sections hard at work carrying out the mission of EAST. Since the last EAST News there have been EAST webinars new Practice Management Guidelines Traumacasts Town Hall meet- ings and Careercasts added to our website. All geared at helping the trauma surgeon succeed and are well worth exploring. Our Spring Board Meeting that was held in mid-April showcased the many great things being worked on by our Divisions and Sections. I cannot wait for many of them to be unveiled as the year progresses. April 28th brought us international Pay it Forward Day. I would like to person- ally thank every EAST member who contributed to the EAST Devel- opment Fund that day. The EAST Call for Abstracts opened on April 3rd. Multiple abstracts have already been submitted for consideration for the 2017 Annual Assembly. As we progress into summer the EAST Call for Volunteers will open giving all EAST members the chance to make a difference and help mold EASTs future. As John F. Kennedy said One person can make a difference and everyone should try. Approximately two years ago EAST took the words of Theodore Roos- evelt Believe you can and youre halfway there to heart and joined the AAST NTI ACS-COT and WTA in forming The Coalition for National Trauma Research CNTR. CNTR was established to fight for federal funding for traumatic injury research. As a result of CNTRs advoca- cy work 69 House members and 15 Senators signed onto letters of support for trauma research funding that went to the Appropriations Message from the President 2016 ISSUE TWO Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM In This Issue The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Mahatma Gandhi Strategic Goals Continued on page 2 E A S T E R N A S S O C I A T I O N F O R T H E S U R G E R Y O F T R A U M A news 1 LEADERSHIP Prepare young surgeon to become leaders 2 DEVELOPMENT Promote unique programs for the career development of young surgical leaders 3 SCHOLARSHIP Provide education and training across the con- tinuum of acute surgical care 4 FELLOWSHIP Encourage a sense of community for personal professional growth 5 COLLABORATION Work with our stakehold- ers to advance patient care and trauma systems Stay Connected Dues Renewal CNTR Update Last Call for Abstracts ADVANCINGSCIENCE FOSTERING RELATIONSHIPS BUILDINGCAREERS EAST news 2016 Issue 22 EAST Mission Statement EAST is a scientific organization providing lead- ership and development for young surgeons active in the care of the injured patient through interdisciplinary collaboration scholarship and fellowship. EAST Vision Statement EAST seeks to improve care of the injured by provid- ing a forum for the exchange of knowledge in the prac- tice of trauma surgery to promote trauma prevention research and improved trauma systems design to encourage investigation and teaching of the methods of preventing and treating trauma and to stimulate future generations of sur- geons to meet the challenge. Committees in each legislative body. We learned in mid-May that Trauma Research has been given a 10 Million Boost via Trauma Clinical Research Program in the Department of Defense Health Program budget for 2017. The Trauma Clinical Research Program was established last year with internal DoD funds and an initial 10 million appropriation also secured with the help of CNTR. Although these are great strides there is much work to be done. Even with the above advances when looking at public funding for health- care research trauma research is exponentially underfunded when compared to other health issues which have a much smaller societal impact. To this end EAST was a Partner-Co-signer with the Avielle Foundation to petition the White House and Congress to convene a White House Conference on the National Dialogue on Violence Pre- vention to Protect our Children. The purpose of which is to establish common sense actions and solutions to prevent all types of violence and to create healthier and safer communities for our children and their families through scienceevidence-based approaches support for individuals and families protecting the rights of all investing in and sustaining partnerships with parents practitioners and politi- cians and making a difference in every community. We also joined with multiple health care public health and scientific organizations across the country in petitioning the Appropriations Committee to end the dramatic chilling effect of the current rider language restrict- ing gun violence research and to fund this critical work at the Center for Disease Control CDC. Without funding to better research the public health epidemic that is trauma we cannot make the strides needed to help abate it. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. It is high time for trauma research to stop being the one that is consistently provided with too little. In closing it was a great first quarter for EAST and the second quar- ter is equally great. I hope that all EAST members continue to Pay it Forward to our organization our specialty our families our patients our partners ourselves and our communities. 2016 will continue to be an exceptional year for advancing science fostering relationships and building careers. Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM EAST President Message from the President continued from page 1 As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them John F. Kennedy Section appointments are made by the EAST President. A Call for Volunteers is conducted annually. Information is available on the EAST website and the call is announced via email and electronic communication. Please contact the EAST administrative offices at 312.202.5508 or by email at if you are interested in serving. Divisions and SectionsExecutive Committee Nicole A. Stassen MD FACS FCCM President Bruce A. Crookes MD FACS PresidentElect Stanley J. Kurek Jr. DO FACS Past-President A. Britton Christmas MD FACS Treasurer Elliott R. Haut MD PhD FACS Secretary Andrew C. Bernard MD FACS Recorder Education Division Chair Directors-at-Large William C. Chiu MD FACS FCCM Director-at-Large Jeffrey A. Claridge MD MS FACS Director-at-Large Babak Sarani MD FACS FCCM Director-at-Large Kevin M. Schuster MD MPH FACS Director-at-Large Jason Smith MD PhD FACS Director-at-Large Deborah M. Stein MD MPH FACS Director-at-Large 2016 EAST Board of Directors Division of Education Andrew Bernard MD FACS Chair Annual Scientific Assembly Section Andrew Bernard MD FACS Chair Online Education Section Matthew Martin MD FACS Chair Division of Member Services Jeffrey A. Claridge MD MS FACS Chair Member RecruitmentRetention Section Jeffrey A. Claridge MD MS FACS Chair Social Media Management Section Jennifer C. Knight MD FACS Chair Division of Patient Care and Resources Babak Sarani MD FACS FCCM Chair Guidelines Section Bryce R.H. Robinson MD FACS FCCM Chair Injury Control and Violence Prevention Section Alexander Eastman MD MPH Chair Division of Professional Development Deborah Stein MD MPH FACS Chair Career Development Section Cynthia Talley MD FACS Chair Emergency General Surgery Section Martin D. Zielinski MD FACS Chair Mentoring Section Mayur B. Patel MD MPH FACS Chair Military Section Daniel J. Bonville DO FACS and Daniel J. Grabo MD FACS Chairs Seniors Section William C. Chiu MD FACS FCCM Division of Publications Kevin M. Schuster MD MPH FACS Chair Manuscript and Literature Review Section Kevin M. Schuster MD MPH FACS Chair Division of Research Jason Smith MD PhD FACS Chair Multicenter Trials Section Jose Pascual MD PhD FACS Research and Scholarship Section Robert D. Winfield MD FACS Chair EAST news 2016 Issue 24 Are Your Dues Up-To-Date Be sure you meet the June 30th deadline RIGHT around the corner. Dont miss out on the education leadership opportunities and career development that happens within EAST. More than 2000 members now many participate in EASTs unique leadership and education programs. EAST not only nurtures the young trauma surgeon but helps those at all stages in their career. There are an abundance of opportunities to network mentor collaborate within EASTs meeting sections and online. Shop for EAST Do you use Amazon for your online purchasing Well now you can shop with an added bonus a donation to EAST. Amazon Smile is a simple and automat- ic way you can support EAST every time you shop. Simply go to from your web browser or phone select EAST and shop. Millions of prod- ucts are eligible for donations. If you already have an Amazon account dont worry just select EAST from there. A portion of your purchase goes directly to EAST. Shop away Last Call for Abstracts There are a few days left to submit The submission deadline is July 1 2016 for abstracts for the 30th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly. Let this be your year. Submit today before it is too late. Notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author via email in August 2016. Visit to review the Rules and Eligibility requirements and submit using the online system. Dates to Remember Visit the News and Events section of the EAST website for the most up-to-date news and listing of upcoming events. Jul 1 2016 EAST Call for Abstracts Submission Deadline Jul 2831 2016 American College of Surgeons ACS Comprehensive General Surgery Review Course Location Swisshotel Aug 35 2016 2016 TEACH and GRADE - New York Academy of Medicine Location New York Academy of Medicine Aug 15 2016 Letters of Intent Due - 2017 Trauma Templeton Scholarships EAST Multicenter Trial Junior Investigator Award Sep 1417 2016 75th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery Location Hilton Waikoloa Village EAST news 2016 Issue 26 Coalition for National Trauma Research QA Who are the members of the Coalition for National Trauma Research CNTR American Association for the Surgery of Trauma AAST National Trauma Institute NTI Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma EAST American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma ACS-COT Western Trauma Association WTA Whats the purpose of CNTR CNTR is the result of a common vision among trauma researchers and professional societies about the DIRE need for a steady funding mechanism and a national plan and agenda for traumatic injury research. CNTR provides the platform for trauma-related organizations to work together toward their mutual goals. What are CNTRs goals To advocate successfully for consistent and significant federal funding for traumatic injury research To create a nationally centralized trauma research agenda and To build a robust trauma research infrastructure including a national trauma research repository and a trauma clinical trials network. What has CNTR accomplished so far Since its establishment in September 2014 CNTR has hosted an annual Trauma Research Advocacy Day in Washington D.C. that generated support from about 15 percent of Senate members and 15 percent of House members for an increase of funding in the Department of Defense Budget for a Trauma Clinical Research Program. Due to its efforts in 2015 Congress appropriated 10 million for the program and in 2016 CNTR requested another 20 million. Stay Connected EAST_TRAUMA on Twitter has surpassed 2500 followers and our Facebook presence has grown to more than 1200 likes. Are you connected Dont miss out on EAST updates news and shared stories on EAST social media pages. Facebook and Twitter are your gateway to breaking news reminders and all the stories in between. Join the conversation like and share from YOUR member organization. Thanks for growing our following and expanding our reach. Engage with EAST today. 7 CNTR Advocacy Efforts Give Trauma Research a 10 Million Boost Listen online or on the go. Tune into EAST Traumacasts today. Listen or subscribe via iTunes Having promoted the Trauma Clinical Research Program in the Department of Defense Health Program budget during its Annual Advocacy Day in late February CNTR learned today that the House version of the 2017 DoD appropriations bill includes 10 million for this program. While the Senate spending bill hasnt yet been considered CNTR executive committee members are cautiously optimistic that the funding will survive the arduous appropriations process. Due to CNTRs advocacy work 69 House members and 15 Senators signed onto letters of support that went to the Appropriations Committees in each legislative body. Many thanks are due to those legislators and their staff members who stand with the care community in seeking improved outcomes for those with traumatic injuries. The Trauma Clinical Research Program was established last year with internal DoD funds and an initial 10 million appropriation also secured with the help of CNTR. The DoD is poised to issue a Request for Proposals to build a clinical network that includes civilian and military trauma centers as the first step toward the Trauma Clinical Research Program. To learn more visit CNTRs site. EAST news 2016 Issue 28 EAST Administrative Offices 633 N. Saint Clair Street Ste. 2600 Chicago IL 60611 Ph 312.202.5508 Fax 312.202.5064 Email Website EAST news 2016 Issue 28 VISIT EASTs ONLINE STORE EASTs online store is where you can purchase a variety of items all with the EAST logo. Click Here to start shopping Visit the EAST website and update your member profile today