What does EAST do for you? In his 2014 Presidential Address, Dr. Scott Sagraves discussed the importance of an organization maintaining relevance to its members. He noted that time pressures, value expectations and generational differences are inherent in our profession and require us to avoid complacency in delivering good value for any association membership. This concept is no different than the one used to drive value in healthcare-calculated as quality divided by cost. EAST’s administrative team, elected officers and every committee and task force member works hard to produce valuable offerings to EAST’s membership, the surgical community and the public. EAST’s many membership benefits include reduced meeting registration rates, scholarships, opportunities to serve and develop leadership skills and an incredibly broad and rich group of like- minded peers with whom to connect through social media and at the Annual Scientific Assembly. Members include chairs and program directors, decorated military surgeons, allied healthcare providers, leaders in specialty surgery and national leaders in surgery and healthcare, all of whom are eager to share advice, help a colleague or develop a new friendship. We’ve recently featured a rolling list of ‘10 Reasons to Join EAST’ on the EAST website, Facebook page and Twitter. The other part of the value equation is cost. EAST’s membership dues are some of the lowest among professional associations. Our meeting registration is also relatively low, especially for the amount of educational content. Our new flat rate registration is intended to increase the value of the meeting for members and guests by giving you more content with easier registration at a lower cost. And we’ve consistently increased the meeting content relative to the registration fee every year for the last three years. The Member Services Division has also simplified the membership application process and the process for sponsors of new member applications, another way we’ve decreased your ‘costs’. Message from the President 2018 ISSUE THREE Andrew C. Bernard, MD, FACS In This Issue Strategic Goals E A S T E R N A S S O C I A T I O N F O R T H E S U R G E R Y O F T R A U M A news LEADERSHIP  Prepare young surgeons to become leaders DEVELOPMENT Promote unique programs for the career development of young surgical leaders SCHOLARSHIP  Provide education and training across the con- tinuum of acute surgical care FELLOWSHIP  Encourage a sense of community for personal professional growth COLLABORATION  Work with our stakehold- ers to advance patient care and trauma systems • President’s Message •  EAST’s Equity, Quality and Inclusion Task Force •  Development Fund Update • Annual Preview •  Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines •  Membership Renewal • Dates to Remember A D V A N C I N G S C I E N C E • FOSTERING RELATIONSHIPS • B U I L D I N G C A R E E R S