b'2019 ISSUE ONEMessage from the PresidentElliott R. Haut, MD, PhD, FACSnewsA SD RV EA EN RACCIN Ever since attending my first EAST Annual G S N Scientific Assembly more than fifteen years G E A S T E R N A S S O C IAT I O N DIC F O R T H E S U R G E RY IE O F T R AU M A IL ago, I knew the organization was going to be N UCB my academic home in trauma surgery. The E S FO IP casual welcoming atmosphere of the meeting STERINGNSHTIORELA encouraged everyone to talk, share ideas and discuss the high-quality science being presented. Even as a fellow, I felt comfortable going up to people I didnt know and starting In This Issue a conversation.2019 Annual Scientific Assembly Recap EASTs core values align perfectly with myCommunity Outreach own personal mission statement- prioritizing coaching and mentoring the next generation of trauma surgeons andDevelopment Fund surgical scientists. One of EASTs signature offerings is our mentoring Welcome New program, which has linked more than 100 pairs of mentors and mentees, Members! changing the landscape of trauma surgery leadership nationally. One of the very first official EAST mentees, Paula Ferrada, just joined the EAST Board of Directors. Strategic Goals Many people have asked me about my plan for EAST during my presidential LEADERSHIP year. I usually reply that the organization is in excellent shape and my first Prepare young surgeonsgoal is not to mess that up. We have strong collaborative relationships withto become leaders other associations that we are strengthening and expanding. For example, DEVELOPMENTbe on the lookout for new alignments with groups including the American Burn Association. EAST volunteers and staff do such amazing things some Promote unique of which are not as well-known as they should be to everyone. Another goal programs for the careerthis year will be to publicly highlight the outstanding work of our committees development of young and task forces. Expect to see communications from EAST to ensure our surgical leaders members know about all these great offerings to enhance and drive our SCHOLARSHIP mission.Provide education andtraining across the con- My role this year as President is to represent our organization, play to our tinuum of acute strengths and promote EAST around the world. The first opportunity was at surgical care the recent Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention sponsored by the FELLOWSHIPEncourage a sense ofcommunity for personal professional growth (continues on page 2)COLLABORATION Work with our stakehold-ers to advance patient care and trauma systems'