b'2019 ISSUE FOURMessage from the PresidentElliott R. Haut, MD, PhD, FACSGive Til It Hurtsnews I have heard the mantra No Money, No A SD RV E Mission for decades. But it never felt so A EN R real until I took over as the President of the ACCIN Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma G S N (EAST). Our organization has more than 2,300 G E A S T E R N A S S O C IAT I O N DIC F O R T H E S U R G E RY IE O F T R AU M A IL members and there are competing priorities N UC B of how to drive our mission. We want to E S FO IP fund surgical research, resident/student/STERINGNSHTIO fellow education, mentoring, leadership RELAdevelopment, guideline development, community outreach, and injury prevention. People say the sky is the limit; but funding In This Issue is the real limit. Our leadership and committee members routinely come up Preview of 33 rdAnnualwith amazing new ideas. Unfortunately, we cant fund them all.Scientific AssemblyThis is where you- EAST members- come in and Im asking you to Give TilExhibitor List it Hurts. I want your loved ones to say, what the heck were you thinking?Donor Stories I want your kids to ask why they cant go to private school anymore (justGiving Tuesday Recap kidding). Many organizations suggest you skip your expensive daily coffee and donate instead. Thats just unrealistic for most trauma surgeons. I dontHoliday Greetings want to compete with coffee. But how about bringing some homemade leftovers for lunch instead of eating in the cafeteria? Do you really need that new watch, car, piece of jewelry, golf club, or pair of shoes? We all get asked for donations from many sources-college alumni funds, our kids schools parents association, religious organizations, and/or other non-profit charitable Strategic Goals groups. If you believe in the mission of EAST, wed like a slice of that pie.LEADERSHIP Consider what EAST has done for you and your career. Now is your chancePrepare young surgeonsto pay it forward. Have you beefed up your academic CV by co-authoring to become leaders any practice management guidelines or a multi-center trial? Did you DEVELOPMENTpresent your research or getinvited to discuss a paper at the EAST Annual Promote unique Scientific Assembly? Was EAST the first national organization that gave you programs for the careeran opportunity to be on a committee? Have you had a leadership position as development of young committee chair or board member? Have you grown and benefited from the surgical leaders EAST Mentoring Program? These initiatives dont come cheap; supporting SCHOLARSHIP trainees at every level is in our DNA and we all need to step up to make it Provide education andhappen. Help us fund more opportunities like these for the next generationtraining across the con- of trauma leaders.tinuum of acutesurgical care Perhaps youre more interested in EASTs focus on injury prevention and FELLOWSHIP community outreach. If so, your donations might align well with those from our most generous donor family-Jack and Pina Templeton. They perpetually Encourage a sense ofendowed the annual John M. Templeton, Jr., MD Injury Prevention community for personalResearch Scholarship and the Cox-Templeton paper competition for injury professional growthprevention. Once a year, EAST collaborates with a local high-school on a COLLABORATIONWork with our stakehold- ers to advance patient care and trauma systems (continues on page 2)'