b'2020 ISSUE TWOMessage from the PresidentA. Britton Christmas, MD, FACSWhy EAST?news Dear Colleagues,A SD RV EA EN R The answer to this seemingly rhetorical ACI C question lies within the mission statement NG S NG E A S T E R N A S S O C IAT I O N for this great organization: EAST is a DIC F O R T H E S U R G E RY IE O F T R AU M A IL scientific organization providing leadership N U and development for young surgeons active CBE Sin the care of the injured patient through FO IPSTERINGNSH interdisciplinary collaboration, scholarship, TIORELAand fellowship. For most of us, 2020 has challenged our lives, both personally and professionally, beyond what many of us would In This Issue have ever imagined during such a short time span. However, we mustCovid-19 Resources recognize that from adversity arises opportunity. Since its inception, EASTGet Involved has been a voice for young surgeons and many other trauma care providers. As an organization, EAST remains committed to its five strategic goalsDonor Stories (leadership, development, scholarship, fellowship, and collaboration) andThank you a focus on enabling future generations to meet the many challenges of our profession.During these difficult times, never has the need for leadership and collaboration within our discipline and our communities been so great. For Strategic Goals many of us, myself included, the EAST community has been, and always will be, a safe place to visit with colleagues and seek support and mentorship. LEADERSHIP In many ways, while we are all struggling during this time, we must always Prepare young surgeonsknow that our EAST colleagues will be there for us. Specifically, I would liketo become leaders to formally acknowledge the tremendous effort and work products put forth DEVELOPMENTby the EAST Equity, Quality, and Inclusion in Trauma Surgery Practice Ad Promote unique Hoc Task Force under the leadership of Dr. Tanya Zakrison and Dr. Bellal programs for the careerJoseph and Dr. Brian Williams who served as co-chair of the ad hoc task development of young force at its inception. For our members, know that when we speak, we surgical leaders speak together as advocates not only for those we serve but also those who SCHOLARSHIP serve alongside us as friends and colleagues.Provide education andtraining across the continuum of acutesurgical careFELLOWSHIP A. Britton Christmas, MD, FACS EAST PresidentEncourage a sense ofcommunity for personal professional growthCOLLABORATIONWork with ourstakeholders to advance patient care and trauma systems'