b'2020 ISSUE FOURMessage from the PresidentA. Britton Christmas, MD, FACSA New Chapter of Opportunitynews Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow EAST A SD RV E Members,A EN RACC I would like to take this opportunity to thank ING S N our members for their service during a year G E A S T E R N A S S O C IAT I O N DIC F O R T H E S U R G E RY IE O F T R AU M A IL that will forever be remembered2020. Many N U of you have reached out, checked in, and C EB Soffered support throughout the year. In many FO IPSTERINGTIONSH ways, we have all needed it. However, I offer RELA these insights of encouragement. Despite a global pandemic, stay at home orders, and In This Issue social unrest, EAST not only pressed forward, but the organization continuedVirtual EAST INVEST-Cto thrive and evolve. Our Burn Surgery Task Force developed cross-Research Hackathoncollaborations and content to meet the growing need of burn surgeons and Recap was elevated to a committee. Our Equity, Quality, and Inclusion in Trauma Surgery Practice Ad Hoc Task Force was also elevated to committee statusExecutive Leadership and diligently assessed ways in which our organization can contribute Mentoring Program to the elimination of social injustices and healthcare inequities. And the Annual Scientific Minimally Invasive Surgery and Emerging Technologies Ad Hoc Task Force Assembly Preview was elevated to committee status this year. Of note, this year also saw several other organizations, to include the AAST, the ACS COT, and CNTR Happy Holidays establish respective committees and task forces to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in their operations as well. Realizing the growing needs for rural trauma support, your Board established the Rural Trauma Ad Hoc Task Strategic Goals Force to foster connections between Level I and Level II trauma centers who serve rural trauma patients in order to facilitate partnerships and better LEADERSHIP assist our nations Level III and IV Trauma Centers. In our ongoing efforts Prepare young surgeonsto address and improve quality measures, the Board also established theto become leaders Core Outcome Sets in Trauma and Emergency General Surgery Ad Hoc Task DEVELOPMENTForce which has already begun work on two initial assessment measures. Promote unique The EAST INVEST-C program transitioned to a virtual program as EAST programs for the careercontinued its mission to support young surgeon development through development of young scholarship and research support. Our EAST mentoring families not only surgical leaders continued to thrive internally, but was also adopted by other organizations SCHOLARSHIP as a model of success. Finally, I would like to thank each of you for your Provide education andgenerosity during these trying times. The EAST Giving Tuesday campaigntraining across theraised more than $51,000 for the ongoing support of trauma research truly continuum of acute showing that we are an organization of members who stand behind the surgical care mission and vision of EAST.FELLOWSHIP I am truly amazed by these many great accomplishments of EAST during even these most trying times. While society worked from home throughout Encourage a sense of community for personalmost of 2020, healthcare workers, and fellow EAST members, experienced professional growth PPE shortages, patient surges, and escalating trauma volumes which COLLABORATION challenged every healthcare system. Despite these many challenges, our Work with ourstakeholders to advance patient care and trauma systems'