Giving Tuesday

Give a Gift to Inspire the Future of Trauma Care!

EAST asked, and you gave! Thank you to all the donors who supported EAST on #GivingTuesday. You helped raise $31,050 - far surpassing our goal of $20,000!

When you consider that trauma is one of the most poorly funded areas of research relative to disease burden, your contributions are vital to shaping the future of trauma research. Thank you for the outstanding show of support.

If you missed #GivingTuesday, there's still time to make a contribution before the end of the year. In lieu of that coffee today, consider a $5 donation or a long-term investment by opting in for recurring donations.

Thank you for your generosity. This amazing show of support is what makes EAST great.

Best wishes for the holiday season!


*The Eastern Association of the Surgery for Trauma (“EAST”) is a Tennessee nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Gifts to EAST are deductible for income tax purposes within the limits prescribed by state and federal laws. Please consult your tax advisor.

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