Dr. Alicia M. Mohr: Recipient of the 2003 EAST Trauma Research Scholarship

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Dr. Alicia Mohr: Recipient of the 2003 EAST Trauma Research Scholarship

Alicia M. Mohr, MD University of Florida


The EAST Trauma Research Scholarship is a great opportunity for an Acute Care Surgeon to begin their academic career. The potential of this initial seed can be limitless.

Personally, I began a basic science study that examined the beta adrenergic modulation of erythropoiesis in trauma. Receipt of this initial scholarship provided the necessary first step for obtaining preliminary data that was translated into a NIH NIGMS K08 (GM078301) award that was matched in funding by the Clowes ACS/AAST Research scholarship. The continued success of my basic science research led to a NIH NIGMS R01 (GM105893) that studied anemia and the chronic hyperadrenergic state following major trauma.

The initial EAST Trauma Research Scholarship has led to continued funding from the NIH for ten years and has allowed me to grow from a junior surgeon-scientist to a senior surgeon-scientist.

Area of ResearchBeta Adrenergic Modulation of Erythropoiesis in Trauma 


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