Dr. Mayur B. Patel

Dr. Mayur B. Patel: Recipient of the 2013 EAST Trauma Research Scholarship

Mayur B. Patel, MD, MPH

Vanderbilt University Medical Center


The EAST Trauma Research Scholarship is a key investment in motivated trauma surgeon-scientists.

Here’s the math: This 40K scholarship raised confidence in my instituition to award me a 300K Career Development Award, and I’ve parlayed this capital into my $3M 5-year Single PI NIH R01 grant (INSIGHT-ICU: GM120484), the first in our Vanderbilt Division of Trauma's >30-year history – all within 3 years of the conclusion of  EAST's support. Excluding other associated small awards, that’s a >75-fold return on investment, which more importantly serves to advance and elevate the science for our injured patients.

The EAST Trauma Research Scholarship is funded through contributions to the EAST Development Fund. To learn more about this award and past recipients, click here.

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