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The EAST Job posting rate for posting a listing on the EAST Job Board is $450 for a 3-month listing. Listings may be renewed at 3-month intervals for a fee of $450/renewal. You will receive a notification approximately 10 days before expiration of your listing with a link to renew, update, or remove your listing. You may update or remove your listing at any time by clicking on the link provided in the email confirmation you receive after submitting your listing. Job Board fees are non-refundable. Questions? Email or call (312) 202-5508.

Boost your listing through EAST’s social media channels. For an additional $300 per listing, you can have your position listing boosted on EAST’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Position listings will be featured twice within the first 60 days of the listing or renewed listing. You will be given the option to boost your listing on the next screen when payment is requested. If you are paying by check, your listing will be activated immediately but the position will not be featured on EAST’s Social Media until payment is received.

Credit card payment is preferred. If you are paying by check and payment is not received by the due date, your listing is subject to removal from the EAST Job Board.



Job postings with complete addresses will include an interactive map.

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