COVID-19 Resources and Information

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Information on this page is voluntarily provided relative to the ongoing COVID-19 national emergency. If you or your institution has additional educational resources you would like to share, please send them to marked "COVID-19 Resource."  Resources should include the institution name. Providing contact information is voluntary.

Thank you for all you are doing to combat this pandemic.

Information & Resources - There is a great deal of uncertainty around this evolving pandemic and a large amount of regional variability. In this fluid and variable environment, information changes rapidly. It is very likely that the information and strategies made available on this site may change as our understanding of unique challenges that COVID-19 poses within each country, state, and healthcare environment evolves.

       EAST Statements and Resources

COVID- 19 Acute Care Surgery Staffing
 Atrium Health - Surgery COVID Response Chart - 3-22-2020  

COVID-19 ICU Rounds

COVID-19 - General Management
 Loma Linda University Medical Center - Consensus Respiratory Pathway 03-25-2020
 Hackensack Meridian Health 
Blood Shortage & Coagulopathy in the COVID-19 World - Z-Medica Webinar
The New Norm of Emergency Surgical Care for the COVID-19 Patient - Z-Medica Webinar

COVID-19 Trauma Resuscitation
Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital - Trauma Bay Guidelines 03-23-2020
 Atrium Health - Diagnosing COVID in Trauma

COVID-19 OR Procedures
American College of Surgeons evaluation tool for surgeons to review necessary hospital resources needed for an operation - Press Release April 14, 2020

American College of Surgeons Guidance Document to Help Health Care Facilities Best Prepare for Resuming Elective Surgery - Press Release April 17, 2020 Click here for Guidance Document.

COVID-19 Tracheostomy
 Atrium Health - COVID Trachs SOP Revised
 MetroHealth - Non-Emergent Tracheostomy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Bronchoscopy
 Atrium Health - COVID Bronchoscopy Guidelines

COVID-19 Virtual Critical Care

COVID-19 Clinic Screening and Virtual Visits
 Atrium Health - EGS Clinical Virtual Visits