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Renal Trauma2018

Type: Update Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Existing PMG/EBR: Genitourinary Trauma, Management of
Category: Trauma
Committee Liaison: Jennifer J. Freeman, MD

Team leader(s)

The kidney is the most frequently injured urologic organ , with 70-80% being a consequence of blunt trauma . As non-operative management in trauma expands ,more controversy unfolds regarding optimal management of renal, renovascular and ureter trauma of both blunt and penetrating subtypes. In this PMG we aim to address the optimal timing to intervention in renal trauma , the preferential intervention modality whether surgical or percutaneous and the morbidity / mortality associated with kidney preservation vs nephrectomy for the various injury grades . The practice of administering antibiotics for renal trauma has been another disputatious area that could also be addressed in this current PMG.

Work Group Members
Gerard Baltazar, DO
Zachary Brown, DO
Nikolay Bugaev, MD
John Como, MD, MPH
Jennifer Freeman, MD
Sameer Gupta, MD
George Kasotakis, MD, MPH
Joseph Posluszny, MD

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