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Effect of Motorcycle Helmet Type on Head and Neck Injuries2018

Type: New Evidence Based Review (EBR)
Category: Injury Prevention
Committee Liaison: Patrick B Murphy, MD, MPH, MSc

Team leader(s)

Despite being a minority of road traffic users, motorcycle-related injuries account for a disproportionate prevalence of road traffic injuries. Reduction of mortality and severity of injuries is of primary public and medical concern. Helmet usage has been shown to reduce both mortality and morbidity related to motorcycle injuries. However, several types of motorcycle helmets exist. Limited data has demonstrated that motorcycle helmet type may affect morbidity and mortality rates differently. There are no systematic reviews on motorcycle helmet type and its affect on mortality and morbidity.

Work Group Members
Eva M. Urrechaga, MD (Team Leader)
Rishi Rattan, MD
Lisa M. Kodadek, MD
Hahn Soe-Lin, MS, MD
Marshall A Beckman, MD
Marie Crandall, MD, MPH
Lou M. Smith, MD
Zachary M. Bauman, DO, MHA
Kaushal H. Shah, MD
Hiba Aziz, MD

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