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The Public Health Effects of "Stand Your Ground" Laws2020

Type: New Evidence Based Review (EBR)
Category: Injury Prevention
Committee Liaison: Patrick B Murphy, MD, MPH, MSc

Team leader(s)

The lack of a national firearm policy acts as a persistent element of structural racism and violence in the United States. Firearms continue to traffic into our cities, resulting in the disproportionate deaths of African American men, while concealed carry and “Stand Your Ground” laws combined with more violent policing in areas of higher homicide serve to further aggravate African American mortality. Policies that permit the steady supply of illegal firearms, the routine carrying of firearms, and the escalation of conflict rather than de-escalation, create excess preventable homicides. While current literature indicates that policies which emphasize the de-escalation of violence, and discourage routine carry and possession of firearms will decrease homicide, a formal evidence-based review on this topic is lacking.

Team members:
• Bellal Joseph, MD, FACS
• Nicole Fox, MD, MPH, FACS
• John J. Como, MD, MPH
• Hee Soo Jung, MD, FACS
• Elliott R. Haut, MD, PhD, FACS
• Ronnie N. Mubang, MD
• D'Andrea K. Joseph, MD, FACS
• A. Britton Christmas, MD, FACS
• Jeffrey A. Claridge, MD, MS, FACS
• Rishi Rattan MD FACS

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