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Treatment Algorithm and Manuscript Regarding the Utility of Pediatric Resuscitative Thoracotomy (PRT)2020

Type: New Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Category: Trauma
Committee Liaison: Jennifer J. Freeman, MD

Team leader(s)

The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST), Pediatric Trauma Society (PTS), and Western Trauma Association (WTA) are three organizations committed to improving the care of injured children through education, guideline development, injury prevention, advocacy and research.  In an attempt to minimize duplication of efforts and maximize impact in evaluating Pediatric Resuscitative Thoracotomy (PRT) these three organizations shall pursue a collaborative framework to produce a joint practice management guideline, treatment algorithm and manuscript regarding the utility of PRT.  The project involves an EAST guideline and a WTA algorithm. 

Work Group Members:
Mubeen Jafri (PTS) (Team leader)
Kaushik Mukherjee MD MSCI FACS (EAST)
Marie Crandall, MD, MPH, FACS (EAST)
Brian K. Yorkgitis, DO, FACS (EAST)
Grace Ng (PTS)
Claire Gerall (PTS)
Katy Flynn-O'Brien (PTS)
Rajan Thakkar, MD (PTS)
Shannon Longshore (PTS)
Romeo Ignacio, MD (WTA & PTS)
Matthew Martin (WTA)

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