EAST PMG/EBR - Volunteer Recruitment Form

Are you a current member of EAST or member applicant and interested in the development of an EAST Practice Management Guideline (PMG)? Please complete the following online form.

We are looking for volunteers to help with both the development of new EAST PMGs and also to help in the development of existing PMG updates.  The EAST Guidelines Committee periodically reviews all existing PMGs and if new data are available and the PMG is still relevant to practice today, the PMG is updated.

After you submit the form you will be contacted via email if a PMG is available for development.  Please be patient as only select PMG proposals are submitted and approved during a calendar year.  If you have completed a form in the past there is no need to resubmit.

EAST PMG/EBR - Volunteer recruitment form

Have questions?  Email Rachel Dixon, EAST's Association Manager at rdixon@east.org.