Manuscript & Visual Abstract Submission Rules and Requirements

EAST Annual Scientific Assembly Manuscript  & Visual Abstract Submission Rules and Requirements

EAST takes the submission of manuscripts and visual abstracts to the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (JTACS) for abstracts presented at the EAST Annual Scientific Assembly seriously.  As such, all podium, quick shot and video abstracts accepted for presentation to the Annual Scientific Assembly are required to submit a complete manuscript (see below regarding Visual Abstract submission requirements) into the JTACS editorial system by 11:59 pm Eastern on December 1st for review by the EAST Manuscript and Literature Review Committee and JTACS.  Failure to submit a complete manuscript to by this deadline will result in a one-year sanction imposed on both the Presenting and Senior (or sponsoring) authors—barring consideration of any of their submitted work during this sanction period.  Any abstract submitted for the next year’s Annual Scientific Assembly that includes the name of the sanctioned Presenting or Senior Author, regardless of their placement on the author list, will not be considered for presentation at the Annual Scientific Assembly.  Resubmission of abstracts and/or data that has been previously submitted to JTACS and rejected for publication is prohibited and will not be eligible for inclusion in the EAST Annual Scientific Assembly.  

Partial or incomplete submissions that do not include all required manuscript and/or video components will not be accepted, and will result in the above listed sanctions for non-submission. For video submissions please note that the final edited video must be submitted with the manuscript, and failure to submit the video will be considered an incomplete submission.

Visual Abstract Submission Requirement - All podium abstracts are required to submit a visual abstract at the time of manuscript submission.  Corresponding and Presenting Authors of accepted podium abstracts will receive visual abstract instructions and templates for preparation and submission. 

Quick Shot Abstracts and Video Abstracts are NOT required to submit a visual abstract with manuscript submission.

See the Information for Presenters page for more information, details, and direction on manuscript submission, video manuscript submission, and visual abstract preparation and submission.  

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