General Motors

This award was made possible thanks to the support of the General Motors Foundation between 1991-1995.

General Motors Awards Recipients

1991      Steven Stylianos, MD
Non-effect of Experimental Hemorrhage and Blunt Trauma on Circulating TNF
1992 Ellen J. Mackenzie, PhD
Inter-rater Reliability of Preventable Death Judgments
1993 Joseph Schmoker, MD
Effect of Lesion Volume on Cerebral Blood Flow after Focal Brain Injury and Shock 
1994 Martin Croce, MD
Analysis of Charges Associated with Diagnosis of Nosocomial Pneumonia: Can Routine Bronchoscopy be Justified?
1995 Heidi Frankel, MD
Diaspirin Cross Linked Hemoglobin is Efficacious in Gut Resuscitation as Measured by GI Tract Optode 

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