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EAST has gone green in 2018! A traditional printed program book will not available. Instead we have established a virtual program book with information pertaining to the assembly available for download or viewing from your electronic device.  The Meeting App is another virtual application available to you for obtaining Assembly information. Information on this page is subject to change.  Any updates to the information will be noted. 

WiFi Access - Network Name: EAST2018  Passkey: 2018east (case sensitive)

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Full Program Book  - Updated 1/5/2018 - Large File - information is subject to change

CME & CNE Information

President's Welcome Message

EAST Information

Overall Schedule - Updated 12/19/2017

Scientific Schedule - Updated 1/5/2018

Scientific Session I - Raymond H. Alexander, MD Resident Paper Competition (Papers 1-5)
Scientific Session II - Raymond H. Alexander, MD Resident Paper Competition (Papers 6-11)
Quick Shots Parallel Session I - Basic Science & Performance Improvement (Quick Shots Papers 1-10)
Quick Shots Parallel Session II - Clinical Trauma (Quick Shots Papers 11-20) - updated 12/29/2017
Scientific Session III-A - Resuscitation & Transfusion (Papers 12-17) - updated 1/5/2018
Scientific Session III-B - Cox-Templeton Injury Prevention Paper Competition (Papers 18-23)
Quick Shots Parallel Session III - Clinical  & Trauma Systems (Quick Shots Papers 21-32)  - updated 1/5/2018
Quick Shots Parallel Session IV - Trauma Education, PI, EGS(Quick Shots Papers 33-44)
Quick Shots Parallel Session V- Clinical Science & Trauma Critica Care (Quick Shots Papers 45-54) - updated 1/4/2018
Scientific Session IV-A - Emergency General Surgery & Critical Care (Papers 24-29)
Scientific Session IV-B -Trauma & Trauma Systems (Papers 30-35)

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