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Vasopressin in Hemorrhage Resuscitation - #126



Pressors in trauma resuscitation? Heresy!  Or is it…?  Dr. Carrie Sims discusses her recently published study showing use of low-dose vasopressin in the trauma bay resulted in lower utilization of blood products, with equivalent outcomes.  Dr. Sims also discusses how she was able to get this study through the IRB with exception from informed consent (EFIC), a major hurdle for high-quality trauma research.

Supplemental Information
Effect of low-dose supplementation of arginine vasopressin on need for blood product transfusions in patients with trauma and hemorrhagic shock

Arginine vasopressin, copeptin, and the development of relative AVP deficiency in hemorrhagic shock

The pathogenesis of vasodilatory shock

Early use of vasopressors after injury: caution before constriction

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