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Clinical Clearance of the Cervical Spine after Blunt Trauma2017

Type: New Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Category: Trauma
Committee Liaison: John J. Como, MD, MPH

Team leader(s)

This guideline is being developed to assist physicians in the management of blunt trauma patients with possible cervical spine injuries. This guideline will propose a system to delineate those which are in need of cervical spine imaging versus clinical clearance alone based on age, mechanism and clinical exam findings.

PICO Question:
1) Should awake (GCS 15) adult (>/=18) patients who have sustained blunt trauma (P) undergo evaluation of the cervical spine using the Canadian C-spine rule (I) or NEXUS criteria (C)?

Work Group Members
Sofya Asfaw, MD - Work Group Leader
Nikolay Bugaev, MD
John Como, MD
Chris Dodgion, MD
Douglas Fraser, MD
Anna Goldenberg-Sandau, DO
Dennis Kim, MD
Amy McDonald, MD
Kaushik Mukherjee, MD
Bryce Robinson, MD
Brian Yorkgitis, DO
Alexandra Ferre, MD

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