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Endotracheal Intubation Following Trauma2018

Type: Update Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Existing PMG/EBR: Endotracheal Intubation Following Trauma
Category: Surgical Critical Care
Committee Liaison: Brian H. Williams, MD, FACS

Team leader(s)

There is a need for a revision to the Endotracheal Intubation Following Trauma PMG. The current PMG was done in 2012 and was not done using the GRADE format. There need to review what is current in evidence based medicine in the last eight years since the last revision was done. The areas to be addressed will include when is intubation needed in the trauma patient, what process is recommended for drug assisted intubation (DSI) and what method (standard laryngoscope or video assisted) should be used when performing the skill. A review of rescue airways may be included if current in the literature.

EAST is collaborating with the Trauma Anesthesiology Society on this PMG. 

Work Group Members
Hiba Abdel Aziz, MD
Zachary Brown, DO
Vicki J. Bennett, RN, MSN
John J. Como, MD, MPH
Mack Drake, DO
Linda Dultz, MD, MPH
Shailvi Gupta, MD, MPH
Dennis Kim, MD
Catherine Kuza, MD
Zafer Qasim, MBBS, FRCEM, FRCP (C), EDIC
Jaswin Sawhney, MD
Albert J. Varon, MD, MHPE
Brian H. Williams, MD

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