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REBOA use in Hemorrhage Control2018

Type: New Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Category: Trauma
Committee Liaison: George Kasotakis, MD, MPH

Team leader(s)

The treatment of trauma patients who are actively hemorrhaging is time sensitive and rapid interventions are required to save a patient's life. The use of balloon occlusion of the aorta for non-compressible torso hemorrhage and pelvic hemorrhage has gained popularity in the trauma community and a critical look at the benefits or harm it may cause needs critical review. We are submitting this new PMG to gain knowledge for REBOA use in the acute setting and develop recommendations for its continued use or limitations we may find during our expert analysis.

Work Group Members
Nikolay Bugaev, MD - Work Group Leader
Hiba Abdel Aziz, MD
Zachary Brown, DO
Alistair Chapman, MD
John Como, MD, MPH
Daniel Cullinane, MD
Sameer Gupta, MD
George Kasotakis, MD, MPH
Dennis Kim, MD
Steven Lorch, MD
Jaswin Sawhney, MD
Melike Harfouche, MD

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