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Umbilical Hernia

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Umbilical hernia in patients with liver cirrhosis: A surgical challenge.
Coelho JC, Claus CM, Campos AC, Costa MA, Blum C.
World J Gastrointest Surg. 2016 Jul 27; 8(7): 476–482.

Rationale for inclusion: recent review of available literature on cirrhotic umbilical hernia.

Citations - 6 (as of January 2018)

Management of umbilical hernias associated with hepatic cirrhosis and ascites.
O'Hara ET, Oliai A, Patek AJ Jr, Nabseth DC.
Ann Surg. 1975 Jan;181(1):85-7.

Rationale for inclusion: one of the original series of management.

Citations - 70 (as of January 2018)

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