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Injury Epidemiology

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Trauma Recidivism Predicts Long-term Mortality: Missed Opportunities for Prevention (Retrospective Cohort Study).
Strong BL, Greene CR, Smith GS.
Ann Surg. 2017 May;265(5):847-853.

Rationale for inclusion: Urban trauma center recidivists were compared to nonrecidivists and determined that recidivists were more likely to be male, Black, or intoxicated with alcohol.  In turn, recidivists were then more likely to die any cause including injury and disease.

Citations: 1 (as of September 2017)

The changing approach to the epidemiology, prevention, and amelioration of trauma: the transition to approaches etiologically rather than descriptively based.
Haddon W Jr.
Am J Public Health Nations Health. 1968 Aug;58(8):1431-8.

Rationale for inclusion: Introduces the Haddon Matrix as a way of analyzing potential injury prevention interventions.

Citations - 494 (as of July 2017)

The Epidemiology of Accidents
Gordon JE.
Am J Public Health Nations Health. 1949 Apr;39(4):504-15.

Rationale for inclusion: Introduces concept of injury as an epidemiological issue that can be addressed.

Citations - 326 (as of July 2017)

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