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ProTECT: a randomized clinical trial of progesterone for acute traumatic brain injury.
Wright DW, Kellermann AL, Hertzberg VS, Clark PL, Frankel M, Goldstein FC, Salomone JP, Dent LL, Harris OA, Ander DS, Lowery DW, Patel MM, Denson DD, Gordon AB, Wald MM, Gupta S, Hoffman SW, Stein DG.
Ann Emerg Med. 2007 Apr;49(4):391-402, 402.e1-2.

Rationale for inclusion: The ProTECT trial!  A large multi-institutional trail suggesting a role for progesterone in TBI.

Citations - 503 (as of July 2017)

Reduced mortality rate in patients with severe traumatic brain injury treated with brain tissue oxygen monitoring.
Stiefel MF, Spiotta A, Gracias VH, Garuffe AM, Guillamondegui O, Maloney-Wilensky E, Bloom S, Grady MS, LeRoux PD.
J Neurosurg. 2005 Nov;103(5):805-11.

Rationale for inclusion: Pb02 monitoring reduces mortality in severe TBI.

Citations - 342 (as of July 2017)

Prehospital hypertonic saline resuscitation of patients with hypotension and severe traumatic brain injury: a randomized controlled trial.
Cooper DJ, Myles PS, McDermott FT, Murray LJ, Laidlaw J, Cooper G, Tremayne AB, Bernard SS, Ponsford J; HTS Study Investigators.
JAMA. 2004 Mar 17;291(11):1350-7.

Rationale for inclusion: Well referenced publication describing the role of HTS in TBI.

Citations - 416 (as of July 2017)

Cerebral perfusion pressure: management protocol and clinical results.
Rosner MJ, Rosner SD, Johnson AH.
J Neurosurg. 1995 Dec;83(6):949-62.

Rationale for inclusion: The original description of CPP and how its management effects outcome.

Citations - 1015 (as of July 2017)

High-dose barbiturate control of elevated intracranial pressure in patients with severe head injury.
Eisenberg HM, Frankowski RF, Contant CF, Marshall LF, Walker MD.
J Neurosurg. 1988 Jul;69(1):15-23.

Rationale for inclusion: The role of burst suppression and deep sedation to control ICP originated with this paper.

Citations - 560 (as of July 2017)

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