EAST Online Educational Resource Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for an online educational resource.  All proposals must be submitted using the online form.  Co-sponsorship of proposals among committees and ad hoc task forces is encouraged. 

*You will not have the option to save and come back to this form. You must complete and submit all at once. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: EAST is committed to enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in all organizational activities while maintaining the highest level of quality and content for our members and other attendees. We encourage all who are involved in the development of submitted proposals to review both the planned content and the faculty lists to ensure that these principles are reflected in the proposal. This includes not only equity, diversity, and inclusion based on factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, but diversity in thought, perspective, and opinion.

Please complete all information being requested. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Faculty and moderators participating in EAST Online Educational Resources including but not limited to  programs, sessions, workshops, courses, and discussions will be required to complete a speaker release and disclosure form.  

CME will not be awarded for EAST Online Educational Resources.

Proposal Reviews and Consideration
Proposals will be reviewed by the EAST Educational Resources Committee. Proposals will be reviewed with the following considerations:
1. Does the proposal serve EAST's Exempt Purpose, Mission & Strategic Goals?
2. Does the proposal meet an EAST need?
3. Sustainability of the educational resource.

Education Resource Proposal Details

Be creative when naming the resource
Enter name of EAST Division/Committee/Ad Hoc Task Force Sponsor(s) or N/A if not sponsored
Who should attend? Surgeons, Residents, Advanced Practitioners, Nurses
State the problem/issue and how the session will help the participant better his/her practice
Provide a brief description of the resource suitable for marketing materials
Three objectives are required
Three objectives are required
Three objectives are required
If you chose "other" for program type above, please describe format, etc.

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