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General Information

If you need assistance in finding a Sponsor please contact Rachel Dixon at rdixon@east.org.

Background & Significance

Innovation & Impact

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Specific Aims/Hypotheses

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If no specific interventions are required and this is only a retrospective or prospective observational study, include that language here. Such as: “Prospective observational study only. Patients will be managed according to surgeon’s discretion.”

Outcomes Measures

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Variables To Be Collected

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Data Collection

If you require examples please visit http://www.east.org/research/multicenter-trials
PI, fellows, residents, med students, rsrch. coordinator, rsrch. assistance, clinical rsrch. nurse

Statistical Considerations & Data Analysis

Including parametric & non-parametric tests used to handle the data.
Anticipated # of sites needed to participate & estimate of ave. # of patients enrolled per site.

Enrollment Procedure & Need for Informed Consent

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Instructions for submitting data collection tools:

All data submissions should be entered through the EAST Multicenter Trial Committee website portal.  Instructions can be found on the EAST website.  The data collection sheet located under the Multicenter Trial Committee heading for this study can be utilized to record the data, and then the information transferred to the portal entry system.  For any questions regarding this study, please contact the PI.

Questions?  Please contact EAST Management Office at (312) 202-5616 or rdixon@east.org.