Military Committee

The Military Committee recognizes the mutual benefit of military-civilian collaboration in trauma education, training, and research as well as the outlet that EAST provides for enhancing these relationships.  The Military Committee is responsible for creating a network among EAST members who are active military or retired from active duty.  The committee is responsible for developing educational content for the Annual Scientific Assembly that focus on the issues facing the EAST members serving in the military.

Committee members are appointed by the President with approval by the Board of Directors.  Committee member terms are three years.  All terms begin in January and conclude in January in the year specificed in "term ends".


Travis M. Polk, MD, FACSTravis M. Polk, MD, FACS, Chair
Combat Casualty Research Program in Ft Detrick, MD
Term ends 01/15/2022
Stephanie Streit, MD, FACSStephanie Streit, MD, FACS, Chair
United States Air Force in ,
Term ends 01/15/2022
Scott B. Armen, MD, FACS, FCCMScott B. Armen, MD, FACS, FCCM, Committee Member
Penn State Health in Hershey, PA
Term ends 01/15/2022
Andrew N. Beckett, MDAndrew N. Beckett, MD, Committee Member
McGill University in Montreal, QC
Term ends 01/15/2022
Zachary Brown, DO, FACOS, FACSZachary Brown, DO, FACOS, FACS, Committee Member
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in ,
Term ends 01/16/2021
Joshua G. Corsa, MDJoshua G. Corsa, MD, Committee Member
Providence Regional Medical Center - Everett in Snohomish, WA
Term ends 01/15/2022
Nicholas Davis, MDNicholas Davis, MD, Committee Member
North Memorial Health in Robbinsdale, MN
Term ends 01/15/2022
Joseph J. DuBose, MDJoseph J. DuBose, MD, Committee Member
United States Air Force in ,
Term ends 01/15/2022
Jonathan D. Gates, MD, MBAJonathan D. Gates, MD, MBA, Committee Member
Hartford Hospital, Univ. of Connecticut in Hartford, CT
Term ends 01/16/2021
Brian Gavitt, MD, MPHBrian Gavitt, MD, MPH, Committee Member
US+UAE TBRM Mission in DPO, AK
Term ends 01/15/2022
Peter M Hammer, MDPeter M Hammer, MD, Committee Member
in Indianapolis, IN
Term ends 01/16/2021
Cynthia Lauer, MDCynthia Lauer, MD, Committee Member
Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte , NC
Term ends 01/16/2021
Brian E. Leininger, MD, FACSBrian E. Leininger, MD, FACS, Committee Member
Memorial Hospital (Central) - UC Health in Colorado Springs, CO
Term ends 01/21/2021
Rich Lesperance, MDRich Lesperance, MD, Committee Member
Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX
Term ends 01/15/2022
Debra L. Malone, MDDebra L. Malone, MD, Committee Member
in Catonsville, MD
Term ends 01/16/2021
Alexander Merkle, PA-CAlexander Merkle, PA-C, Committee Member
US Army in ,
Term ends 01/15/2022
Chet A. Morrison, MD, FACSChet A. Morrison, MD, FACS, Committee Member
Central Michigan University in Saginaw, MI
Term ends 01/15/2022
John Oh, MDJohn Oh, MD, Committee Member
Penn State Hershey Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/15/2022
Christina Riojas, MDChristina Riojas, MD, Committee Member
in ,
Term ends 01/15/2022
John M. Ruggero, DOJohn M. Ruggero, DO, Committee Member
United States Navy in ,
Term ends 01/15/2022
Jack Sariego, MDJack Sariego, MD, Committee Member
Penn Medicine in Jenkintown, PA
Term ends 01/16/2021
Alison M. Wilson, MD, FACSAlison M. Wilson, MD, FACS, Ex Officio
West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV
Term ends 01/16/2021

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