Mentor Member Committee

The Mentor Member Committee is responsible for identifying and communicating the issues facing the Mentor members of EAST. The Mentor Member Committee reports through the EAST Mentor Member Director-at-Large on the EAST Board of Directors. 

Committee members are appointed by the President with approval by the Board of Directors.  Committee member terms are three years. All terms begin in January and conclude in January in the year specified in "term ends".


Alison M. Wilson, MD, FACSAlison M. Wilson, MD, FACS, Chair
West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV
Term ends 01/18/2025
Tiffany K. Bee, MDTiffany K. Bee, MD, Committee Member
Extant Healthcare Ascension St Thomas Rutherford in Murfreesboro, TN
Term ends 01/13/2024
John D. Berne, MDJohn D. Berne, MD, Committee Member
Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Term ends 01/13/2024
John J. Como, MD, MPHJohn J. Como, MD, MPH, Committee Member
MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, OH
Term ends 01/13/2024
James R. Dunne, MDJames R. Dunne, MD, Committee Member
Memorial Health University in Savannah, GA
Term ends 01/21/2023
Thomas J. Esposito, MD, MPH, FACSThomas J. Esposito, MD, MPH, FACS, Committee Member
OSF HealthCare in Brimfield, IL
Term ends 01/14/2023
Adam D. Fox, DO, FACSAdam D. Fox, DO, FACS, Committee Member
Rutgers-NJMS in Newark, NJ
Term ends 01/18/2025
D'Andrea K. Joseph, MD, FACS, FCCMD'Andrea K. Joseph, MD, FACS, FCCM, Committee Member
NYU-Langone Long Island in Mineola, NY
Term ends 01/18/2025
Matthew J. Martin, MD, FACS, FASMBSMatthew J. Martin, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Committee Member
Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA
Term ends 01/21/2023
Jeffrey S. Young, MDJeffrey S. Young, MD, Committee Member
Univ of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, VA
Term ends 01/18/2025

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