Multicenter Trials Committee

The main goal of the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee is to facilitate the design and execution of multicenter projects. In this capacity the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee enables researchers to collaborate with other centers. Typically, these collaborations include investigator-initiated projects, often without federal or industrial funding. Institutions rely on their own resources for participation.See for details on EAST's Multicenter Trials program.

Committee members are appointed by the President with approval by the Board of Directors.  Committee member terms are three years.  All terms begin in January and conclude in January in the year specificed in "term ends".


Jeffry Nahmias, MD, MHPE, FACSJeffry Nahmias, MD, MHPE, FACS, Chair
UC Irvine in ,
Term ends 01/16/2021
John V. Agapian, MD, FACS, FCCMJohn V. Agapian, MD, FACS, FCCM, Committee Member
University of California, Riverside in Los Angeles, CA
Term ends 01/19/2019
Scott C Brakenridge, MD, MSCS, FACSScott C Brakenridge, MD, MSCS, FACS, Committee Member
University of Florida in Gainesville, FL
Term ends 01/19/2019
Brandon Bruns, MD, FACSBrandon Bruns, MD, FACS, Committee Member
R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; U. MD in Baltimore, MD
Term ends 01/18/2020
Eric M. Campion, MDEric M. Campion, MD, Committee Member
Univ Colorado/Denver Health Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/16/2021
Paul J. Chestovich, MD, FACSPaul J. Chestovich, MD, FACS, Committee Member
University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV
Term ends 01/18/2020
Bruce Chung, MDBruce Chung, MD, Committee Member
Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME
Term ends 01/18/2020
John Cull, MDJohn Cull, MD, Committee Member
Greenville Health System in Greenville, SC
Term ends 01/16/2021
Sandra R DiBrito, MDSandra R DiBrito, MD, Committee Member
Johns Hopkins Hospital in ,
Term ends 01/16/2021
Michael Goodman, MDMichael Goodman, MD, Committee Member
University of Cincinnati Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/16/2021
Kimberly Hendershot, MD, FACSKimberly Hendershot, MD, FACS, Committee Member
University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL
Term ends 01/16/2021
Randeep S. Jawa, MDRandeep S. Jawa, MD, Committee Member
Stony Brook University School of Medicine in Stony Brook, NY
Term ends 01/18/2020
Jolene Kittle, MS, RN,  ACCNS-AG, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, TCRNJolene Kittle, MS, RN, ACCNS-AG, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, TCRN, Committee Member
Upstate University Hospital in ,
Term ends 01/16/2021
Jonathan Nguyen, DOJonathan Nguyen, DO, Committee Member
Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA
Term ends 01/18/2020
Carl I. Schulman, MD, MSPHCarl I. Schulman, MD, MSPH, Committee Member
Miller School of Medicine in Miami, FL
Term ends 01/19/2019
Kristan Staudenmayer, MD, MSKristan Staudenmayer, MD, MS, Committee Member
Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, CA
Term ends 01/19/2019
Jason W. Smith, MD, PhD, FACSJason W. Smith, MD, PhD, FACS, Ex Officio
University of Louisville in Louisville, KY
Term ends 01/19/2019
Robert D. Winfield, MD, FACSRobert D. Winfield, MD, FACS, Ex Officio
University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS
Term ends 01/19/2019

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