DoD Combat Casualty Care Research Program Releases FY 16/17 Prolonged Field Care Program Announcement

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The DoD Combat Casualty Care Research Program announces the release of a FY16/17 Prolonged Field Care Program Announcement

The intent of solicitation is to target the emerging need to provide extended trauma care prior to reaching a location that can provide definitive hemorrhage and contamination control. Trauma care during this period is often called "Prolonged Field Care" (PFC). Traditionally, improvements to the trauma care system have focused on shortening evacuation times from the point of injury to the first surgical site. However, in future conflicts or mass trauma events, it is anticipated that the initial evacuation time, and thus initial surgical hemorrhage and contamination control, may be delayed for hours or days.  This challenge also requires research to develop new solutions to provide for prolonged Damage Control Resuscitation (pDCR) including: support for medical providers in the out-of-hospital setting (point of injury, austere environment, or en route care) with limited resources; understanding the physiologic impact of pDCR; and techniques to mitigate the negative effects of delayed surgical intervention. The research and solutions must be focused on patient-level interventions and outcomes, rather than the broader trauma system. However, proposed research and solutions should consider the entire continuum of trauma care.

There are two levels of award: up to $1.5M/3 years, and $3M/3 years.  Pre-proposals were originally due 28 April, but  a 2-week extension has been granted. The new due date for pre-proposals is 12 May. 

The full program announcement is located at two different sites: 

Extramural (Academia/Industry/Foundation) Organizations

Intramural (DoD) organizations

Thank you for considering this opportunity to assist in developing the science and technology that will lead to better care for our wounded service members while at the same time improving trauma care for our society as a whole.

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