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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mark your calendars! On December 3, EAST will be participating in a global day of generosity, Giving Tuesday. Celebrated the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season. It's a day when you can make a big impact on the future of trauma research.

Save the Date flyer Giving Tuesday December 3 2019

Last Giving Tuesday, EAST donors helped raise over $30,000. This year our goal is to raise $40,000 to support the EAST Trauma Research Scholarship, which supports the research of surgeon scientists whose work is critical to advancing the science of caring for the injured patient in an environment of scarce funding opportunities.

You can help EAST continue to support the work of deserving investigators on Giving Tuesday by donating anytime now through December 3, 2019. In lieu of that coffee today, consider a $5 donation or consider a long-term investment by opting in for recurring donations.

Donating is easier than ever! Text EAST to 312-668-0301 or donate online below. 

Give to EAST via Text Message to 312-668-0301 flyer

If you prefer to mail in your donation, please download and complete a   Donation Form and send your donation with a personal check or credit card information to the address noted on the form.

Thank you you for giving back this Giving Tuesday and best wishes for the holiday season.

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*The Eastern Association of the Surgery for Trauma (“EAST”) is a Tennessee nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Gifts to EAST are deductible for income tax purposes within the limits prescribed by state and federal laws. Please consult your tax advisor.

Past Trauma Research Scholarship Recipients

2002 John M. Santaniello, MD
Bone Marrow Response to the Burn/Sepsis Model
2003 Alicia M. Mohr, MD
Beta Adrenergic Modulation of Erythropoiesis in Trauma 

John A. Sandoval, MD
The Evaluation of an Anti-Peptidoglycan Monoclonal Antibody for the Diagnosis of Bacterial Sepsis: A Pathway to a Quicker Diagnosis?


David E. Carney, MD
Attenuation of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome with a Modified Tetracycline 


Bruce A. Crookes, MD
Permissive Hypercapnea during Acute Resuscitation after Traumatic Brain Injury


Andrew C. Bernard, MD
Transfusion and T-Cell Receptor Expression 


Samuel Mandell, MD
The National Impact of Vehicle Mismatch on Mortality after Motor Vehicle Crashes


2009 Jordan A. Weinberg, MD
RBC Storage Age and Potentiation of Transfusion-Related Clinicopathology in Trauma Patients 

Jason W. Smith, MD
Direct Peritoneal Resuscitation Effects in the Damage Control Trauma Patient 

2011 Martin D. Zielinski, MD
The Biomechanical Effects of Flaccid Paralysis Induced by Botulinum Toxin a after Damage Control Laparotomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial 
2012 Jeremy J. Heffner, MD
Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy using a Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa Delivery System for Treatment of Burn Wounds 

Mayur B. Patel, MD, MPH

DASH After TBI Study: Decreasing Adrenergic or Sympathetic Hyperactivity After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Using Propranolol and Clonidine


Amy Makley, MD

Activation of pulmonary endothelium by microparticles derived from stored red blood cells


Michael Cripps, MD

Viscoelastic guided resuscitation versus fixed ratio resuscitation in trauma


Cherisse Berry, MD

Prospective evaluation of cerebral autoregulation and cerebral vasospasm in patients with traumatic brain injury using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)


L. Marco Hoesel, MD, FACS

In-vivo analysis of endothelial glycocalyx in trauma/hemorrhagic shock


Lucy Zumwinkle Kornblith, MD

The Biology of Post-Injury Platelet Function


Claire Isbell, MD, MSCI

The Effect of Doxycycline Administration on Neurologic Outcome in a Mouse Model of Traumatic Brain Injury

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