Welcome to New Members from Dr. Paula Ferrada, Chair of the Member Services Division

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dear New Members,
We are so excited that you are a part of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) and we want to share what our organization can do for you.  EAST is an organization focusing on giving you what you need to advance science, foster relationships, and build your career.
We appreciate your time and expertise and want to offer opportunities for all of our members to get involved with committee work. The Call for Volunteers, which is conducted annually in the summer, is open to all and is a very transparent process for participating in EAST.
We have a Leadership Development Workshop series and a scholarship set up to invest in the development of surgeon leaders. With the mentoring program, we support mentees and empower mentors. More recently, we launched an executive coaching program for mid-career level surgeons, as well. To support your passion for science, EAST has research scholarships.
We work hard in keeping you up to date with landmark papers, Careercasts, Traumacasts, and other educational resources.
The EAST Practice Management Guidelines (PMG) are well-known and highly referenced.  Consider contributing to this resource by volunteering to serve on a PMG work group. 
Welcome to EAST - a multidisciplinary organization with over 2,500 members who care for the injured patient. We  look forward to meeting you in person during our Scientific Assembly held annually in January. Our organization is inclusive and friendly for all career stages in trauma.
Warm regards,
Paula Ferrada, MD, FACS
Member Services Division Chair

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