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EAST Careercast logo Evolving Role of Emergency Medicine-Surgical Critical Specialists - #51

In this EAST Careercast, Dr. Zaffer Qasim explores the evolving role of Emergency Medicine-Surgical Critical Care Specialists.  Dr. Qasim interviews Dr. Tiffany Osborn, the first full female Professor of Surgery and EM at Barnes Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri and Dr. Zac Ginsberg, Medical Director of the SICU and Emergency Physician at Kettering Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Both discuss their respective paths from fellowship to job search and career advancement.  Drs. Osborn and Ginsberg provide important points as to why EM-SCC physicians form a unique and important part of the health system.

In the podcast, Dr. Osborn references the following resources related to career and mentoring:
Mentorship: Through the Looking Glass Into Our Future by Tiffany Medlin Osborn, MD 
Ann Emerg Med August 1999;34:285-289.

Get the Job You Really Want by James Caan - Goodreads

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EAST Careercast logo Understanding and Negotiating the Contract - Careercast #39

In this EAST Careercast/Webinar, Dr. Alison Wilson from West Virginia University discusses work contracts for surgeons. Residents and fellows get little (if any) instruction on how to understand and negotiate contracts, and this Careercast/Webinar, hosted by Dr. Stefan Leichtle from Virginia Commonwealth University, explains terms such as “restrictive covenant”, “claims-based insurance”, or “productivity targets”. 

Click here to view the Webinar (complete with slides) recorded on 12/20/2017.

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EAST Careercast logo Advanced Practitioners Training Programs - Careercast #33

Crossover episode!  Just like the time the Fonz was on Mork and Mindy, this episode brings the moderators of EAST's Traumacast, Dr. Dave Morris and Careercasts, Dr. Brad Dennis (we'll let you decide who is Mork and who is the Fonz) together. The topic is the training programs available for Adavanced Practitioners: the types of programs available, how the terms "residency" and "fellowship" are used, and what to look for in a reputable program. Guests Jon Messing and Aaron Pugh both run successful Advanced Practitioners training fellowships and are actively involved in developing these programs nationally. Both provide interesting insights into this aspect of trauma provider education.

Websites referenced:
Association of Post Graduate APRN Programs
Association of Physician Assistant Programs
American Nurses Credentialing Center
National Nurse Practitioner Residency & Fellowship Training Consortium
EAST Fellowship Listings/Advanced Practitioners 

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EAST Careercast logo Level I vs. Level II Trauma Center Jobs - Podcast #28

In the job pursuit, many graduating fellows face the dilemma of deciding between working at a Level I or Level II trauma center.  In this podcast, EAST past-president, Dr. Stan Kurek discusses this topic with Dr. Brad Dennis.  With experience as a Trauma Medical Director at both Level I and Level II trauma centers, Dr. Kurek offers a well-rounded and unique perspective on the similarities and differences between the two.

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EAST Careercast logo Surgical Critical Care or Acute Care Surgery Fellowship? - Careercast #26

Surgical Critical Care or Acute Care Surgery Fellowship?

Interest in Surgical Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery Fellowships have been steadily growing.   Dr. Ron Tesoriero talks with Dr. Sam Tisherman, the President of the Surgical Critical Care Program Directors Society, about what prospective fellows should look for in a fellowship program and how to decide whether a one or two year fellowship is the right choice for you.

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EAST Careercast logo Handling a Work Divorce - An Interview with Dr. Scott Sagraves - Careercast #8

Interviewed by Dr. Jamie Coleman, Dr. Scott Sagraves discusses handling a "work divorce"... when you are happy at your institution but opportunitites you can't refuse come your way. 

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EAST Careercast logo Differences and (dis)Advantages of Academic and Non-Academic Careers - An Interview with Dr. Donald Kauder - Careercast #7

Interviewed by Dr. Jamie Coleman, Dr. Donald Kauder discusses the differences and (dis)advantages of Academic and Non-Academic jobs and career paths.

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EAST Careercast logo Is it Time for a Career Change? - An Interview with Dr. Kimberly A. Davis - Careercast #2

Interviewed by Dr. David Skarupa, Dr. Kimberly A. Davis discusses when it may be time for a career change.

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EAST Careercast logo What to Know About Your First Job - An Interview with Dr. David Feliciano - Careercast #1

Interviewed by Dr. Jamie Coleman, Dr. David V. Feliciano discusses what to know about your first job.

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