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Welcome to the EAST Careercasts.  The Careercasts are a series of audio interviews with leaders in the field designed to provide you with practical information regarding career development, leadership and career challenges.

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Evolving Role of Emergency Medicine-Surgical Critical Specialists - #51

In this EAST Careercast, Dr. Zaffer Qasim explores the evolving role of Emergency Medicine-Surgical Critical Care Specialists.  Dr. Qasim interviews Dr. Tiffany Osborn, the first full female Professor of Surgery and EM at Barnes Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri and Dr. Zac Ginsberg, Medical Director of the SICU and Emergency Physician at Kettering Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Both discuss their respective paths from fellowship to job search and career advancement.  Drs. Osborn and Ginsberg provide important points as to why EM-SCC physicians form a unique and important part of the health system.

In the podcast, Dr. Osborn references the following resources related to career and mentoring:
Mentorship: Through the Looking Glass Into Our Future by Tiffany Medlin Osborn, MD 
Ann Emerg Med August 1999;34:285-289.

Get the Job You Really Want by James Caan - Goodreads

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Exploring the Gender and Diversity Gap in Trauma Surgery - #48

In this Careercast, Dr. Salina Wydo interviews Dr. Paula Ferrada on exploring the gender and diversity gap in trauma surgery.  Dr. Ferrada shares her personal experiences, as well as insights and practical advice on improving inclusivity in our community, and encourages individual surgeons to succeed by “[doing] what you want not to spite them, but in spite of them.”

For more information on the topic, please visit the joint AWS/EAST Careercast #45 on the Importance of Mentoring 

Other additional reading:
Abelson JS, Chartrand G, Moo T, et al. The climb to break the glass ceiling in surgery: trends in women progressing from medical school to surgical training and academic leadership from 1994 to 2015. Am J Surg. 2016;212:566-572.

Valsangkar N, Fecher AM, Rozycki G, et al. Understanding the barriers to hiring and promoting women in surgical subspecialties. JACS. 2016;223(2):387-398.

Cochran A, Hauschild T, Elder W, et al. Perceived gender-based barriers to careers in academic surgery. Am J Surg. 2013;206:263-268.

Sexton KW, Hocking KM, Wise et al. Women in academic surgery: the pipeline is busted. Journal of Surgical Education. 2012;69(1):84-90.

Yu PT, Parsa PV, Hassanien O, et al. Minorities struggle to advance in academic medicine: a 12-y review of diversity at the highest levels of America’s teaching institutions. Journal of Surgical Research. 2013;182:212-218

Abelson JS, Symer MM, Yeo HL, et al. Surgical time out: our counts are still short on racial diversity in academic surgery. Am J Surgery. 2018;215:542-548.

ACGME Residents and Fellows by Sex and Specialty, 2015

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Early Career Advancement - #47

In this EAST Careercast, Dr. Ruby Skinner interviews Dr. Jamie Coleman of the Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center, on critical aspects pertaining to early career advancement.  Dr. Coleman discusses the first academic  job change and how mentorship, networking and developing unique research, clinical and outreach activities impact career advancement.

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Developing Your Interest in Palliative Care - Careercast #46

In this Careercast, Dr. Salina Wydo interviews Dr. Anne Mosenthal on developing skills/expanding on an interest in palliative care in the surgical ICU.  Dr. Mosenthal  gives insight on options for training in palliative care, applying the palliative care skill set to clinical care, as well as shares her expertise on how to impact the culture of the surgical ICU.  We also discuss additional resources for practitioners to expand their skill set.

 For residents and fellows:

For faculty:

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EAST/AWS Joint Careercast - The Importance of Mentoring - #45

The Association for Women Surgeons (AWS) and Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) have teamed up in this podcast to discuss the importance of the EAST Mentoring Program and to discuss the importance of women mentoring other women in surgery.  We are joined by Dr. Marie Crandall and Dr. Cassandra White, whose mentoring relationship began in the EAST program in 2017.  

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The Rural Trauma Surgeon - #43

Rural trauma surgeons face challenges unique to their practice setting while also enjoying opportunities typically not found in an academic urban center. Today Rob Behm discusses a career as a rural trauma surgeon with Dr. Thomas Cogbill who enjoyed a very successful clinical and academic career in a rural setting. We hope this will be a helpful Careercast for anyone considering a career as a rural trauma surgeon. 

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The Ins, Outs and Importance of Late Career Mentoring - Careercast #42

In this EAST Careercast sponsored by the EAST Mentoring Committee, Dr. Douglas Schuerer discusses senior mentoring with Glen Tinkoff MD, FACS, FCCM.  Dr. Tinkoff is the Division and System Chief of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at University Hospitals in Cleveland. He has been a leader at EAST for some time and many know of his tireless efforts for injury prevention.  This Careercast covers a wide range of topics centered around mentoring at the later portion of your career.  The discussion inclues the challenges and opportunities of mentoring physicians at a much earlier point of their career, mentoring and being mentored through significant upper level position changes and how to recognize (or help others recognize) when a career should be safely winding down.  Also, ways to best allow others in your institution to have internal promotion opportunities are discussed.  Although the topic was senior mentoring, this discussion will help providers at all phases of their career as they seek out mentors and mentees in their own environment.

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Why I Want a Career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - An Interview with the 2018 EAST Oriens Award Recipients - Careercast #40

The EAST Oriens Award is a resident and fellow essay competition celebrating the passions that drive us to choose a career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  In this podcast, Dr. Rob Behm talks with the 2018 Oriens Award winners, Dr. Lourdes Swentek (Fellow winner) and Dr. Christopher Foran (Resident winner), as they share their winning essays and discuss what has led them to a career in Trauma.

Click here for more information on the EAST Oriens Award and to read Dr. Swentek's and Dr. Foran's essays. 

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Understanding and Negotiating the Contract - Careercast #39

In this EAST Careercast/Webinar, Dr. Alison Wilson from West Virginia University discusses work contracts for surgeons. Residents and fellows get little (if any) instruction on how to understand and negotiate contracts, and this Careercast/Webinar, hosted by Dr. Stefan Leichtle from Virginia Commonwealth University, explains terms such as “restrictive covenant”, “claims-based insurance”, or “productivity targets”. 

Click here to view the Webinar (complete with slides) recorded on 12/20/2017.

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Incorporating an Elective Surgical Niche into an Acute Care Surgeon's Practice - Podcast #38

Acute care surgeons are well rounded physicians who develop specific interests regarding different pathologies and operations which can lead them into an elective surgical niche. Dr. Rob Behm talks with Dr. Jose Diaz from the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center about elective surgical niches and their role in an acute care surgeon’s practice. Dr. Diaz describes the niches he has created for himself and how a young surgeon can develop their own elective surgical niche.

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Advanced Practitioners Training Programs - Podcast #33

Crossover episode!  Just like the time the Fonz was on Mork and Mindy, this episode brings the moderators of EAST's Traumacast, Dr. Dave Morris and Careercasts, Dr. Brad Dennis (we'll let you decide who is Mork and who is the Fonz) together. The topic is the training programs available for Adavanced Practitioners: the types of programs available, how the terms "residency" and "fellowship" are used, and what to look for in a reputable program. Guests Jon Messing and Aaron Pugh both run successful Advanced Practitioners training fellowships and are actively involved in developing these programs nationally. Both provide interesting insights into this aspect of trauma provider education.

Websites referenced:
Association of Post Graduate APRN Programs
Association of Physician Assistant Programs
American Nurses Credentialing Center
National Nurse Practitioner Residency & Fellowship Training Consortium
EAST Fellowship Listings/Advanced Practitioners 

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Why I Want a Career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - An Interview with the 2017 EAST Oriens Award Recipients - Careercast #32

The EAST Oriens Award is a resident and fellow essay competition celebrating the passions that drive us to choose a career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  In this podcast, Dr. Brad Dennis talks with the 2017 Oriens Award winners, Dr. Danielle Pigneri (Fellow winner) and Dr. Ashley Hink (Resident winner), as they share their winning essays and discuss what has led them to a career in Trauma.

Click here for more information on the EAST Oriens Award and to read Dr. Pigneri's and Dr. Hink's essays. 

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How (and why) to Become a Surgical Critical Care-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician - Careercast #30

In this Careercast, Dr. Stefan Leichtle talks with Dr. Jay Menaker from the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center about how emergency medicine physicians can become board-certified in surgical critical care, and why they should consider pursuing this unique career.

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The Ins and Outs of Applying for a Surgical Critical Care Fellowship - Podcast #29

In this Careercast, Dr. Stefan Leichtle talks with Dr. Bill Chiu from the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center about everything applicants for a Surgical Critical Care Fellowship need to know. Highlights include an explanation of SAFAS, the SCC and ACS Fellowship Application Service, a discussion of what's important in a CV and personal statement, and how to be a competitive fellowship applicant.

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International Applicants to US Acute Care Surgery Fellowships - Careercast #27

In this EAST Careercast, an open discourse between Dr. Juan Carlos Puyana and Dr. Gregory Peck, highlights some of the details and challenges to providing International Fellows education and training opportunities in US Acute Care Surgery Fellowships. Given the deficit of Acute Care Surgery education and training globally and the consequential perpetuation of Global Emergent and Essential Surgical burden, the goal of this EAST Careercast is to serve as an introduction for International Fellow applicants and US Program Directors to continue a difficult but necessary discourse. Establishing mechanisms for International Fellows to participate in US education and training fellowships is timely.

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Surgical Critical Care or Acute Care Surgery Fellowship? - Careercast #26

Surgical Critical Care or Acute Care Surgery Fellowship?

Interest in Surgical Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery Fellowships have been steadily growing.   Dr. Ron Tesoriero talks with Dr. Sam Tisherman, the President of the Surgical Critical Care Program Directors Society, about what prospective fellows should look for in a fellowship program and how to decide whether a one or two year fellowship is the right choice for you.

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Incorporating Advanced Care Practitioners into Trauma Practice - Careercast #25

Due to resident work hours restrictions and physician staffing shortages, Advanced Care Practitioners have become increasingly common in trauma care over the last decade.  Dr. Brad Dennis talks with Dr. Britt Christmas and Marialice Gulledge, ACNP, both from Carolinas Medical Center, about incorporating ACPs into current trauma care models.

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Faculty Tracks - Careercast #24

Clinical, education, and research "faculty tracks" relate to the Governing of Appointments, Promotions, and Professional Activities within Universities.  In this Podcast, Dr. Gregory Peck invites Dr. PJ Schenarts, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs at University  of Nebraska, to help understand "faculty tracks" and their importance for fellows embarking on careers in acute care surgery. 

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