San Joaquin General Hospital Posted May 30, 2019

French Camp, CA

Trauma/Critical Care/General Surgeon

San Joaquin General Hospital is the only trauma center for San Joaquin County population 720,000. This includes the city of Stockton population 320,000. The trauma service sees 4,000 patients a year and admits two thousand. There are 240-280 patients per year with ISS>15 and 100-120 deaths on the service per year. There are 400 penetrating injury per year two thirds of which have gunshot wounds. The average inpatient census is 25 with an average of 8 in the ICU, 90% of whom are on mechanical ventilation. The trauma/critical care surgeons do all of the critical care for these patients and for the critical general surgery patients. The trauma service averages 10 operative cases per week–55% of those are immediate cases (ex laps, chest, vascular, neck ,large open wound closures) and 45% are non- immediate such as trachs, pegs, secondary wound closures, abdominal closures, pack removals etc. this service is currently managed by for full-time trauma surgeons who are double boarded in general surgery and surgical critical care. The general trauma surgeons perform all operative cases regarding thoracic, vascular and urologic injuries. All trauma that occurs in the County comes to San Joaquin General Hospital from the field. We keep and definitively treat 98% of patients. We have complete neurosurgical and orthopedic coverage. We send out critical pediatrics, large burns, aortic injuries needing TEVAR, and eye injuries. There is a freestanding general surgical residency which graduates 3/year. Being part of the residents education is an important part of what the trauma surgeons do. The four trauma surgeons have an extremely collegial cooperative close relationship. The hospital is small and therefore it is easy to build personal relationships. There is ample opportunity for activities regarding education, quality assurance etc. as well as increasing our academic endeavors. The trauma general surgeons also do a significant amount of general surgery typical for a county/safety net hospital in an underserved area.
This county never had a trauma system or trauma center until 2013 and it was never fully organized until 2017. The first trauma designation ever was in 2018. This is an opportunity to be involved with the growth of a trauma system and trauma center from its near infancy.
Pay for this job is good. Housing prices are reasonable by California standards, you can take day trips to the bay area or Yosemite, and Tahoe for weekend trips.
If you love trauma and you love a place that is sometimes crazy, and you can imbrace imperfections that you may encounter and view them as opportunities to make things better, you need to check this out.
The successful candidate ideally should be five years out of fellowship or more, but new grads will be considered.

How to apply

Email your CV to, then you can follow with letters of recommendation.
You can in addition to sending your CV, call (858) 243-4341 to speak directly with Dr. Frank Kennedy, the Trauma Medical Director


500 W Hospital Road
French Camp, CA 95231

San Joaquin General Hospital
Trauma/Critical Care/General Surgeon
French Camp, CA

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