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2019 EAST Multicenter Trials Virtual Plenary Session

EAST Multicenter Trials

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Multi-Institutional Trials Committee (AAST MITC), EAST has developed a Multicenter Trials for members of EAST.  The EAST Multicenter Trials is under the direction of the EAST Research Division and the Multicenter Trials Committee. Approved studies submitted through the EAST Multicenter Trials program are endorsed by the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST).

The main goal of the EAST Multicenter Trials program is to facilitate the design and execution of multicenter projects.  In this capacity the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee enables researchers to collaborate with other centers.  Typically, these collaborations include investigator-initiated projects, often without federal or industrial funding.  Institutions rely on their own resources for participation. 

EAST conducts a call for proposals annually and the official call for proposals to lead an EAST Multicenter Trial will open in late Summer.  Investigators may submit proposals that are thought likely to be high impact, or are time-sensitive, for case-by-case evaluation by the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee on a rolling basis.

Please review the process and instructions included below prior to submitting a proposed study to be considered by the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee.  All required documents to include in submission can be found below.  

*Please note, if you are not a current EAST member and are looking to submit a proposal, a Sponsor that is an active EAST member does need to be identified.  If you need assistance in finding a Sponsor please contact Rachel Dixon at   

Process and Instructions

Required documents for study submission are as follows:

Submit all required documents to the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee through Rachel Dixon at All required documents must be sent electronically via email.  Mailed or faxed copies will not be accepted.  Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

If a proposed study is accepted by the EAST Multicenter Trials Committee as an EAST approved study and reaches publication, PIs are strongly encouraged to have the words “EAST Multicenter Trial” in the title or subtitle of the manuscript.  If this is not done a reason must be provided to EAST (such as: insufficient character allowance in the tile for a given journal) prior to submission for publication.  

EAST strives to collaborate with both The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) Multi-Institutional Trials Committee and Western Trauma Association (WTA) Multicenter Trials Committee.  Links to both of these respective organizations can be see below:

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the EAST Administrative Office at or call (312) 202-5616.

This web page is exclusively an information service provided by the EAST to stimulate and facilitate multi-institutional research. EAST does not attest to, or validate, the veracity of information contained on this web page. Inclusion on this web page does not constitute or imply endorsement of, or testimony to, the scientific merit of any project, or institutional, industry source, or investigator attributes and capability to conduct research.

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