b'2 EAST news | 2021 Issue 3EAST Mission StatementMessage from the President (continued from page 1)EAST is a scientificorganization providing lead-ership and development for In closing, I would like to thank all the supportive EAST members foryoung surgeons active in the accomplishing all that you did and all that you will achieve. Thank you to thecare of the injured patient EAST staff and Board for all the support. My colleagues at MetroHealth havethrough interdisciplinary diverse backgrounds and serve so many roles from providers, administrativecollaboration, scholarship, support, to coordinating care, and providing program management support.and fellowship.I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication. Lastly, I would like to publicly thank my wife Becky for all that she does for our family. Thank you. EAST Sincerely, Vision StatementEAST seeks to improvecare of the injured by provid-ing a forum for the exchange of knowledge in the prac-tice of trauma surgery; to Jeffrey A. Claridge, MD, MS, FACSpromote trauma prevention, EAST President research, and improvedtrauma systems design;P.S. Remember to Think Big to encourage investigationand teaching of the methods of preventing and treating trauma; and to stimulatefuture generations of sur-geons to meet the challenge.Renew by December 31, 2021 and continue to take advantage of EASTs educational, career management, and leadership development programs. See pages 4-5 for opportunities to get involved and for helpful resources to help you better care for the injured patient.Renewing is as easy as ever with these options:1. Online: Sign-in to your EAST member profile and follow the prompts to renew.2. Phone: Call the management office at 312-202-5508 for credit card payments. While in your profile, be sure to review and update your contact information if needed. Email managementoffice@east.org if you have any questions or need your log-in information.'