Mayo Clinic Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Symposium

Sep 8–10, 2022

Mayo Clinic
200 1st Street SW - Leighton Auditorium - Siebens
Rochester, MN 55905

Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Symposium 

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Acute Care Surgery is an evolving specialty that takes the principals of trauma care (organized teams, evidence-based processes and procedures, and continuous quality improvement) and applies them to patients with other urgent, time-sensitive surgical conditions. Acute care surgery involves three central components: trauma, critical care and emergency surgery. Over the last 20 years, acute care surgical services have become increasingly responsible for the management of emergency general surgery across the country. As this surgical field continues to expand, so does the utilization of advanced practitioners within it. Mayo Clinic is uniquely positioned to share expert knowledge in this expanding specialty field. This course is designed to ensure that advanced practitioners enhance both knowledge and skill sets in acute care surgery.